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Plane crash
No intention set

This was the only part of a longer dream that I remember.

I was in my car, driving along a freeway somewhere. Flat land. Fields. No trees. Not a desert. There's light traffic on both sides of the freeway. I'm behind a big rig but with enough space between us for at least two more big rigs. Something catches my eye and I lean forward to peer out the top of the windshield. I see an AF C-5. It's flying low and slow, as if it were coming in for a landing. I tap my brakes, turning off the cruise control so I can slow down a bit. I note the brake lights flash on and off on the rig in front of me, the driver tapping his brakes, too. Somehow I know the rig driver and I have the same bad feeling about the plane. The driver signals and pulls off the freeway. I follow and park behind the rig. Both of us get out of our vehicles. Meanwhile, the C-5 has descended so much that we can make out the figures in the cockpit. Yet we hear nothing. The C-5 seems to float across the freeway, barely clearing another semi's trailer. Brake lights are now seen all along the freeway and vehicles are pulling to the side of the road. The C-5 suddenly rolls slightly towards its left wing, which then strikes the ground. The plane cartwheels behind a hill. Huge boom. Flames. The rig driver grabs a fire extinguisher. I realize I have a medic's bag with me. We start running towards the crash scene. Other drivers, all carrying extinguishers or other supplies, join us. More drivers stay behind at their vehicles, camera phones recording everything.

When I first woke, I thought this was a prescient dream, that there would be a military plane crash somewhere in the Midwest. But as I'm typing, I'm getting a different vibe. I'll wait and see if anyone else gets something similar.

The whole dream felt so intense yet I wasn't afraid. There was one puzzling aspect: I knew the rig driver and I were acquainted, even though I had no idea who he was nor had I ever met him before.
Wow. Powerful dream. I suspect this one was extra vivid?
This whole segment was vivid to the point I don't even remember the rest of the dreamtime. And the C-5 dropping from the sky and beginning its crash was almost in silent slow motion as if to emphasize the point. The fact it was a C-5 could even be a bit of day residue which, as I'm typing this, is to emphasize something I saw a few days ago involving a couple C-5s flying in formation. No kidding. I was taking out the trash at 0-dark-hundred and the planes passed directly overhead almost wingtip to wingtip. It was unusual enough that they were flying at night and on a flight path we don't normally see, but that they were flying so close together. I watched them, thinking maybe it was a night training flight or something, and then they banked to what was my left, heading over the city, simultaneously. I watched until they were just tiny lights in the sky and headed back to the house. But before I got halfway down the driveway, a couple of fighter jets rocketed overhead, following the same flight path as the C-5s. I stood there a bit longer and wondered what the hell was going on.

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