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Who's Business am I minding now?
09/04/2014 AM
Intent: I want to know how I would know if there had been a shift to a new level of existence.
Mood: Happy
Location: archery range

I saw two men talking as they practiced their crossbow shooting.

Man A: I had the craziest dream last night. I dreamed that I asked how I could change my life and this E. Sholars was telling me what to do.
She said “There are chains of thought that you have binding you. There are chains of other’s expectations that weigh you down. There are chains of false responsibility that you took on and created. There are chains of places that hold you to locations. There are chains of false loyalty that hold you to some people. There are chains of debt that keep you in fear. There are chains of your own fears that hold you back.
If you really think about it these are chains of our own making and we use them to keep ourselves from really seeing and knowing ourselves even when they cause pain, sorrows, fears and unawareness.
If you want to know how to break the chains do this; stand up tall, breath deep and say to the “Source” of all things, “BREAK THE CHAINS NOW!” Do not beg, do not pray, do not wait, and do not expect to fail. Take time to see yourself as you really are and to see the big changes that have been made."

Man B: So, did you do it? Have there been changes for you?

Man A: I did and I see some! I am shooting better than ever today!

Man B: Just who is this E Sholars, what makes her opinion so valuable?

Man A: I don’t know but, I do know that she dislikes mirrors.

This was not about our choices of who we love and things we really do care about, this is about the things that hold us down and cause our sorrows.

These men were wearing slack and polo shirts. It was a nice sunny day with cool breezes. The grass was green and there were old Oaks in the distance and around the field.

1) Now I do know there has been a shift in my line! Strangers are talking about me.
2) You can hear some strange stuff about yourselves when eavesdropping. I did not know I had these ideas about life.
3) Even my sense of humor crosses into my dreams.
4) I have been doing some crossbow shopping so this is probably day residue.
5) Did you get the message?
6) hahahahahahahahahaha!
So did YOU do it? Big Grin
What a cool dream.

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