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Tarot Decks
I'm in a flea market, looking at stuff. I'm marveling at how clean and well lit the place is. I open a carved wood box, and there is a deck of really huge tarot cards. Like, they are roughly 6x4, that big. I'm real excited, as I have never seen a set this large before. They are quite colorful, and I'm excited to have found them. I start digging around, figuring that there might be more decks to be found. I open another carved wooden box and there is another deck! This tarot deck is round, with a small round hole in the center of each card (about the size of a nickel). I can barely contain my excitement.

I realize a person is standing next to me, and I know she is my teacher. I'm showing her the decks, and she is excited too, but she reminds me the power is inside me, not the cards. The cards are only to focus attention. She draws my attention to a computer monitor, and wants me to watch a webcam of ghost footage. I wake up.
I'm curious: Have you studied the tarot before in waking life?
Yes, and I've got three decks of tarot, and a couple of other fortune type decks. Small collection. Not currently doing much with them, so I don't think it's day residue in the immediate sense.
I find that if I pull a card before a dream intent, it helps my dream focus. The question/quiry for the draw is the same as the dream intent.
Thanks Sherriann! I actually did pull out a deck last night and pull a single card before I went to bed. No remembered Project September dreams unfortunately.

The card was the eight of swords tho.

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