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Energy Dream
My dreams last night consisted of someone teaching me how to use the energy/air we live in, to manipulate the movement of objects. The 1st scenario was 2 cotton garden gloves which was easy and fun to move. The 2nd scenario was the hood of a car flying toward a family that was loading luggage into a car. I had to stop the hood from hitting the family. I wanted to stop it and send the hood back to where it came from. I was only able to stop & drop it where it was. No one was injured so I was happy. Then someone explained to me why I could not send the hood back to where it came from. I said, I want to play with the gloves again, those I can have fun with. The person smiled and said ok, we will work later on moving heavier objects.

Afterthoughts: These fun dreams don't happen often, so I enjoy them when they happen. Smile

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