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Protection Dream 9.16.15 AM
Had 2 separate dreams that I remembered.

1st Dream. I am a woman and I am wearing a black or navy blue police uniform. I look down and notice a silver colored badge on the left side of my shirt. I am being questioned for shooting someone. I am confused & frustrated as to why I am being questioned. He was a bad guy and now they are talking about charges against me for shooting him! Then I think, I did the right thing so now I don't care what happens to me.

2nd Dream. Found myself in front of an apartment building in a city. As I was walking into the building, I noticed a man on the street that I knew to be a dangerous person. I knew that he would try and hurt the person(s) inside the apartment. When I arrived at the apartment I got busy locking and wiring the doors. There were two doors leading into the apartment. There were people in the apartment, not sure how many. Someone asked what are you doing? I said, the doors need to be secured because of the man I saw outside the building. You cannot let anyone in under any circumstances. He wants to kill you.

Emotion: Felt anxious about protecting the person(s) in the apartment.
Felt frustration as to why I am being questioned for shooting the bad guy.
Felt Irritation in both dreams because no one will listen to the truth.

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