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Dream that deutsch bank fails and triggers the start of collapse
I dreamed that it was on TV where it was announced Deutsche Bank had completly failed and was no more and the dream stated it was the beginning of the collapse.
Aja, thanks for the dream! Not sure TV outlets would cover a story like that. I think they're going to be told to make everything look normal even as the ship goes down. But you know what, I could be totally WRONG! Keep the dreams comin'! Smile
Deutsche bank is in dire straits once again they are going get rid of 10 percent of their workforce about 10,000 employees and they have taken heavy losses this year and their stock is down to 12.06 today. They are sitting on trillions in credit default swaps and all of this is tied into some the world biggest financial institutions. It will be calamitous disaster when it will take down the financial system as you currently know it to be.
Deutsche bank has been downgraded to credit rating of bbb from a minus which could start triggering the derivatives and it's stock fell below 11 dollars on Thursday. Everyone pretty much agrees when it goes down it takes the current world finanacial system with it.
Uranus in Taurus.....let the games begin!
Deutsche revenue report came out today and it was down 17 percent from last year and the worst quarter since the financial crisis began so we are getting closer and closer. They also didn't report that in one day of trading last quarter there was a 400 million loss in one day by one trader.
Deutsche bank's stock price hit it's lowest level ever at 10 dollars even today. When it falls below 10 dollars(according to Bix Weir) it will trigger the derivitives with other financial institutions which is going to be a problem. The report from Deutsche today is that revenue is down 65 percent in last quarter.
Deutsche is now down below 10 dollars at 9.73 us dollars today.
No signs of credit default swap house of cards coming down yet....If anyone finds any news, please share
We are getting very close, however it could come down at any time if the right thing goes wrong. It is the reason so many are going to get screwed so severely when it happens because it's gone on too long(the propping up of the markets) they think it's never going to happen. When Deutsche fails there will be a credit market freeze(no credit) how many people are going to be buying news cars, then? The sales of new vehicles are down a lot this whole year worldwide, anyway. There goes a good portion of the rest of USA manufacturing right there with a credit freeze. Grocery stores depend on credit to gets the food shipped to them and to pay employees, hmm, I wonder what is going to happen then? I think most businesses in usa and worldwide don't have 6 months for them to reset the credit lending and the world is drowning in debt, anyway.
Despite the stock market going higher today car sales are still down and general motors says they may layoff up to 18,00 employees. Deutsche bank is up above 10.50 today but it still is in mess that it will not be able to get out of even if there is any type of bailout....and the whole world couldn't bail it out. I just updated it last time to wake people up to where this thing is headed...I didn't say it was going to happen next week but don't get to cheery about the rigged stock market it is all a giant ponzi scheme. Stock can do well but the economy sure isn't 3.9 percent unemployment they...yeah, right it's more like 30.9 percent unemployed.
Thanks for keeping us updated Jaws!
Deutsche bank is in legal trouble once again just check zerohedge 2 days ago. It has hit an all time low of 9.23 today already and precious stock market has fell significantly the last 2 days.. we are not ready yet but it's getting there closer and closer.
Deutsche bank is now down to 8.90 a share in US dollars and the bond yield curve has inverted which means the stock market will have a hard time staying where it is at right now. Just look on you tube what it means for the bond yield curve to invert.
It came out that Deutsche bank had a rotten 4th quarter today despite it's stock price being pumped up by the stock market. There are talks of a merger with commerce bank which is in bad shape, also. PE & g(checked out road to roota on you tube) had at least 600 million to 800 million cds default swaps that were triggered off by it's bankruptcy and they could start to cause problems soon. Implosion of the financial too big to fail banks are inevitable now...just can't deny it, anymore. Maybe it can make it to the summer but all remains to seen what happens.
I've been preaching about this thing for years. Finally the dynasty crumbles, or so it seems, taking everything else with it.
Thanks for posting your dream.  Several weeks ago Dr Douglas James Cottrell (on his weekly radio show) predicted that the Deutsch bank would fail in 2019.
Things just keep piling up for Deutsche bank they are laying off even more people now. China had it's two largest defaults yet according zero hedge two days ago and Santender bank in Spain is having problems with coco bonds causing it's stock price value going down. They are supposed to try and merge Deutsche and commerce in the summer but the last time that happened in 2008 the two banks who were supposed to merge in Germany ended failing despite government help with the merger. Things might be ok throughout March but the other dream that I had was things start to get very uncertain the closer we get to summer not just banking wise either. If they don't get the food stamps back up and running(with about 50 percent of the us on them now) there could be real problems with people not getting enough to eat.
All payless shoe stores are going be gone by May in the usa...about 1800 stores and it's rumored Wal Mart wants to cut it's workforce by one third before 2020. If anyone has a functional brain they can figure out that all the propped numbers( like 3.9 percent jobless rate) are just that inflated numbers
HNA which holds about 10 percent of deutsche stock has started selling it now. An audit by an independent auditor has uncover a loss on a bond issue for deutsche which has never been reported ever since the 2008 crisis check bix weir on you tube for this today.

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