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Shopping, Doctor, Music & Alien Hybrid's
10.24.15 Between 5:17 AM & 7:20 AM

Start of Dream. Dreamed I was in a thrift store shopping for children’s clothing that I was going to give away. After leaving the store I looked down and noticed I am wearing flip flops and thought how strange that I would be wearing flip flops while shopping. Normally I would be wearing walking sandals or some type of exercise/athletic shoes.  

When I get out to the sidewalk I see my sister-in-law and she asks what I am doing so I tell her. I also tell her that I need to stop off at the Doctor’s office to make an appointment for tests. She says I will go along with you then we can walk back to my house together. I say fine and we walk into the Doctor’s office. She sits in the waiting area and I go into the appointment desk area which is in an adjoining room.

I am waiting my turn to speak with the clerk when a woman walks in with a goat in a leash. It is obvious that the woman is a mental case because she is talking about needing to go to Tyler which is a local mental facility. The clerk tells the woman to wait her turn so she ties up the goat in the waiting area and comes back to the appointment desk.  

The Dr. and his staff are trying to wrap things up because the Dr. is taking them all on vacation the next day for a week.  So I make my appointment and walk out to the waiting area. I look at the goat and notice it is chewing on a table so I go back to the appointment desk to let them know. As I am walking out of the office I look at the table and make a comment about how pretty the carved roses are in the wood of the table.

As we are walking there is a large old house we stop in front of. It has been divided up into apartments. My sister-in-law says, isn’t this where you live?  I said, I don’t know, let me see if there are any of my belongings about the place. We walk around the house a bit, see lots of overgrown plants and even see a tiny bat under one of the porches. Then we see someone come out of one of the apartments. He was friendly though a bit rough looking. We walked back to the sidewalk and I said, no I do not think this is where I live, let’s go, we have a ways to walk before we get to your house.  

As we are walking there is a box in the grass that looked like it had fallen off a truck.  It had the words “Paula Deen Meals” written on the front with her picture. I told my sister-in-law, I do hope it’s fresh and not been tampered with because this would last us for a while.  Then we notice the box had been opened and every meal was open too so we were disappointed. All the portions were very tiny, compact, yet the nutrition was the same as a full size serving. Suddenly my brother appeared and said, this is the type of meals we are going to get from the government.

As we walked I slowed down a bit to listen to music in a park we are walking by. My brother and his wife went on ahead and I told them I would see them later. My car was at their house so I needed to go there.

The park was filled with people listening to three women singing folk music, a cappella. Across the street from the park were houses and I thought how nice it would be to live here where you could hear the music while sitting in your own home.  As I am walking along I notice people had brought chairs and set up on the sidewalks. I asked someone who the singers were and she said they were local folk singers and anyone was welcome to stand up and sing, they are not international singers, they are local. It was so nice to see everyone so happy.

I continued to walk and then I see a man and a woman and a child in a stroller. I knew these people and thought that I will go over to them and say hello. When I get closer I noticed the child had a doll in her stroller. I said hello and then then told the child, I am so happy for you that you found a doll that looks like you. She said yes, I am too and she hugged her doll. The man looked human, the woman and the child looked like human/alien hybrids. I was very happy to see them and asked the man how he was doing since his accident. He said I am healing up ok and need a job soon, do you know if they are hiring cooks at Apex?  I worked at Apex so that is why he was asking. I told him I did not know, that is a different department from where I work. He said again, I am looking for a cook position, please let me know if you hear of anything.  I thought, he is so big that I do hope his weight won’t disqualify him from working on an oil rig site.  

As I am walking away, I am thinking about getting my car and driving back here to listen to more music and wondering where to park. End of Dream.

None of the scenery or houses or anything looks like a place I have been in my waking life.  
I don’t think Paula Deen has a line of tiny food like what I saw.
In my waking life I don't know anyone who looks like the people I saw except my sister-in-law and brother.
I do not work with a company named Apex or even know of it or work in the oilfield. I googled it and found an oilfield company named Apex Oilfield Services in Canada.
Very few cars on the road. Cars were limited to few people depending on the type of job they have. Everyone else walks and stays within a 10 mile radius of their homes.  
Had the feeling this is about 20+ years in the future.
As I am writing this I get a whiff of Coffee. Hummmmm
This might be your longest dream yet, Julie. Is it just me or does it seem that this one was particularly vivid and detailed? The trend was couples, and I was captivated by the hybrid Wife/Child.
Yes, Eagle 1, it was very vivid and many more details & colors than what I wrote here. I did not want it to turn into a chapter in a novel. Rolleyes

Yes, the hybrids surprised me also. So of course I am thinking that possibly in the future, they will be living openly among us. This family could be anyone neighbors in any small town in America. The only difference is the wife and child are half Alien. I do believe this is a new occurrence in our society because the dolls for the children were not readily available.

The trend of "couples" makes me think that everything is good. Couples and Family units are vital to the existence of a happy thriving society.

(10-24-2015, 10:03 AM)Eagle1 Wrote: This might be your longest dream yet, Julie. Is it just me or does it seem that this one was particularly vivid and detailed? The trend was couples, and I was captivated by the hybrid Wife/Child.
This may have something to do with the dream I had last night so I thought it worth mentioning. A few hours ago I am in my car sitting at a traffic light. To my right is a small strip mall and a driveway going into the mall. A vehicle coming from the opposite direction turns in front of me into the strip mall. Sounds pretty common except when I looked at the car as it was turning into strip mall it was a matte black color, car size spaceship/rocket looking vehicle on 4 wheels. I turned right into the strip mall looking for the vehicle. There were no black cars and no outlet where it could have gone. One of those Hummmmm moments.

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