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Defense, fallback, strategic remote-auto-destruct
The dreamscape was an odd combination of medieval and post-information age technology level. People were living in smaller clan/village type groups. I was traveling and visiting friends when their village was attacked and destroyed by the regional corrupt government. Myself and friends managed to escape and headed for the next nearest settlement to warn them. Some of our group split off to fan out and warn other settlements faster. Sure enough, the same attackers showed up, but to an abandoned village full of defenders. We successfully fought them off. There seemed to be a loop of going to new settlements, warning and evacuating people, then defending the place. At some point some of the clans began guerilla tactics to harass the government forces between the villages. Some time passed, it felt a long time to me. We came to a deserted dust covered village, not far ahead of government forces. I went into a few of the buildings looking for my friends that had previously lived there. I couldn't find them, but did find some of their handmade ceramics I had made and given to them. In particular interest was a set of plates with Celtic knotwork on them. I held a stack of 4 of them in front of me at shoulder height and was looking at them, idly spinning them clock and counter clockwise around a horizontal axis. All of a sudden I realised a small hole in each plate had lined up with some sort of hole in the wall. I tried not to let anyone around me realise I had discovered how to unlock something. That something was a passageway deep into the bedrock behind the walls of the building, where it turns out one of my old friends was hiding out in there guarding something. At that point I also got the knowledge that the entire village was setup for a remote auto destruction sequence designed to catch and destroy the government forces, and I could either stay and fight and go down with them, or retreat to a safer location. At that point the fighting was starting so I had to fight my way out to retreat, but I did make it out. The weapons of war in all these cases were either medieval or more primitive.
That is some dream Shadewolf!
Mad Max -scape.....

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