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Visiting "the clinic"
I posted about what happened to me earlier this year so I'll just link to that thread so I don't have to type the whole thing again(I'm basically lazy. Big Grin )
This is also interesting, DLP, and I am glad you posted the link. May it also help any others on this forum who get to this new section on EHEs, and want to remind others of what they already posted elsewhere on the NDC site.
DLP - For some reason I never read your story that you posted in April. Thanks for posting the link today. I know "the clinic" all too well. Did you have any unexplained physical marks after? I have one on the right arm inside my below area. It's a 1" square with a dot in the middle. I once had a Dr. look at it and he said it looks like a mark from a laser.

The other interesting thing I saw there was the body scanner machine. I could see the entire inside of my body like it was a hologram. They did something to clean to my lungs. At the time I was a heavy smoker and they said my lungs needed attention. After that experience I seriously started thinking about quitting and eventually did.
Julie: At that stage of the game I had so many marks on my body from various medical procedures that one odd one wouldn't have been noticed. And the machines I saw were more life support oriented. I think they got me when I was completely gone and had to bring me back. The doc who trached me said the surgeons wanted to declare me but he refused to stop working on me. So my physical form was kept alive until the clinic could finish with me. It still took a while for my body to adapt, though.

This is all supposition on my part, however. All I know for sure is it happened, that my spirit left my body and went to a place which could do whatever they did to me and I'm still alive.

They didn't need to insert a tracker or anything like that. They've always known where I am, where my spirit is. As the shaman said, they take care of their own.
Amen to what the Shaman said! Wink
(11-29-2015, 02:16 AM)DLP Wrote: A friend who spent several years in an ashram once told me there is no good or bad karma, that karma just IS. Good karma, bad. Bad karma, good. Karma just IS.

I've read that in the life reviews, it's we who judge ourselves. Because no one is harder on us, and I certainly can believe that. It seems we get to experience everything from everyone else's perspective, feel their emotion and how our actions impacted them. Karma is a cycle that teaches us how to love. We are not being punished, just experiencing the contrast to understand and choose the higher path.

I've also understood that it's the smaller things in life that we can do for each other that mean more than anything. Someone who has money and makes a donation, how hard is it for them to do that? But to consistently, day after day, reach out to each other, offer our time, our hands and hearts, that's what means the most.

Thanks for sharing DLP, I don't know where I'm from, I'm guessing I'm from everywhere and everywhen! Big Grin
Oh, I don't know where I'm from exactly. I just know I'm not from around here. Big Grin
I am also reminded of Roberts Liardon's being taken to heaven in his youth, and seeing a storeroom of "body parts," what would be used as replacements for those who need them on Earth. How and why this happens to some, and not others, could probably be debated forever.

Goldengirl, thank you for bringing up our "life reviews," and that could be a thread in and of itself too. Betty Eadie speaks of them a lot in her book, and judging herself, experiencing the emotions of others to both her good and bad decisions. Eadie emphasizes that EVERYTHING we do is recorded, and will be played back to us, but not in any type of time frame as we associate now.

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