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Shoddy Construction
I am standing at a shoreline watching a ferry taking people out onto a big body of water. Could be the shoreline of the US, could be like one of the Great Lakes. My co-worker is standing next to me, and he asks if I've seen the new building yet. I say no and turn around to see a hi-rise going up behind me and I bound up to the top floor. It's open to the wind, and you can see all sorts of things wrong with it. Stress cracks in the concrete, everything is uneven, and the workers aren't attached by safety lines. Strangely enough, I see a line of cars that are parked up on the top floor getting ready to fall off the edge of the crumbling concrete onto the street below.

My boss shows up and asks if I'd like a lift down. I say ok, and he produces a basket like a papasan chair and I jump in and fly back down to the bottom. When my co-worker arrives, we have a discussion about how usually people get in on the ground floors first, and get to know the construction crew, but in this case he doesn't think anyone has moved in yet.

I turn around and there is a restaurant behind me that will be part of the building. We enter and walk around, it's full of diners. The border of the dining area is filled with antiques, and I stop by a child's desk that looks Victorian, very ornate with carvings of flowers (which are painted) on a lid that must flip back. I am fascinated by this when I wake up.

Thoughts - could be bot residue (VOLUME CONSTRUCTION) could be day residue from our moving into a newly renovated building. But this dream was another very clear one (Yay!!!) so here it goes. Also - the building was not my office in real life if you take into account the body of water it was on. Way larger than Tampa Bay, where you can see the opposite shoreline, and our building is blocks away from the Bay.

The desk portion is very odd. I got nothing here, folks! Big Grin

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