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Several precognitive dreams that came true according to the moon cycles.
20 Juli 2015

I got driven by a woman who had her son with her to her house at the wettsteinplatz in Basel.
I see a police man who in the dream looks like a man i know from Paraguay.
He wants to make a control but i get through very good.

14 days or 1/2 a moon cycle later i am with my father in the garden of a house at the wettsteinplatz. 

26th of February 2015

I dreamt of being at an airport and saying that i have been i prison in southamerica.

102 days lor 3 1/2 Moon cycles later
on the
8th of June 2015

I am at the airport in london and i come from a journey in southamerica. i have been in prison in southamerica before. for drugs. once for 846 days with evidence, and then for 1893 days without an evidence.
i came both tims free as dreamt.

27th of August 2015

i dream of adresses and how they change and my grandmothers name was a theme

after 486 days or 16 1/2 Moon cycles

I help my father move from one storehouse to another storehouse. My grandmother also moved from the University Hospital in Basel to the Ita Wegman Klinik in Arlesheim.

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