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electric humanity-ish
some point in October. I didn't write many things down in the last few months. my brain was on overload.

I saw something like lightning, but it moved like a living vapor. it came from something like an electrical transformer, a huge round-ish power bank. and it split into a billion smaller identical pieces of itself and they shot out in all directions. they breezed into every computerized gadget of every person, cell phones, tablets, laptops, cars, garage door openers, ipods...and then the gadget turned into something like a cyborg. the gadget became alive.

people were so fascinated. they loved it. they wanted to become one with their gadgets. the gadgets said they could.

whoa read this thread
(02-23-2016, 11:24 AM)still Wrote:
That is some article! It sounds very much like your dream.
The media is (and has been, for several years) awash with the allure of 'Transhumanism' (the event of blending, or becoming one, with machines). Many promise it is the way that humans will eventually become 'immortal', by porting their essence into the unending state of 'hyper-technology'. Then again, if you've ever seen the first 'Matrix' movie, you also see how this can easily be a deadly trap of unfulfilled fantasy.

While I love 'technology toys' (computers, internet, etc.), I never want to leave the process of nature. There is a time for all things, including death and ending. The alternative isn't natural.

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