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the dark
sometime in September

the darkness is awake. its almost like the scene in the movie "ghost" with Patrick Swayze where the bad guy dies and the shadows come up off the ground and take him away.

the darkness is a being. it surrounds people I love. it tries to take someone very close to me. I scream "NO! NO!" it smiles at me. it has teeth like venom.
well check this story out LOL
Hey, I have a thought that isn't so funny. Looking at that BIN link AND your dream, who was it that previously posted about that new parasite that is infecting millions of Latin Americans? Could that not be the very DNA manipulation vehicle predicted by both your dream and this article? Hmmmm....
oh, yikes eagle1!
wowsa, that's so not funny.
nanny posted it yesterday
And there is this to consider.

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