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12/21/15 The World is a Circus
Trending: circus mon congrats bunny pizza objective dolphin 2015 sun football reaching data improve staring entering class boyfriend complete calm vision view hope last great relationship local roll cat ran jenny christmas fri indicated forum phone awesome hug years following bag
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<----- DISCUSSION ----->
Circus? Can’t think of a better word for much of what is going on in this world. On the headlines everywhere was the Miss Universe gaffe, and what is particularly important is that the DreamBot saw Steve Harvey’s important tweet within 24 hours of the event. Yes, the Miss Universe ceremony was a huge circus! In case you missed the “swinging tweet” lingo from yesterday, please see this link:

Veterans of the NDC will raise their eyebrows at DOLPHIN in our run today. Chani warned us to watch the dolphins, which seems to resonate with today’s “Objective Dolphin.”

Also, Group 1 down lower on the list connects with the recent discussion about the status of the NDC in the long-term, aka “years following.” This lingo demonstrates the transformation that will take place in the NDC. Right now, it’s only a website forum. Soon, there will be a phone (an awesome phone apparently), and in the following years, people will be physically located together in a brick and mortar building. Hugging? Well, of course, the type of work we are doing (P3, dream therapy, nightmares, etc.) does lend itself to many hugs, I’d say!

By the way, Bunny could be my old professor. I bet she publishes another book here pretty soon.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Here is a good link to an explanation of Chani, (for those who aren't familiar), and the Dolphin reference for those who would like to revisit and think about it.....
IMO, whether or not Dolphin is actually Chani connected, one might consider that the botrun knows we take notice to the word dolphin now and it will use dolphin to capture our attention in general or to have us pay attention to dolphin related things specifically. That of course assumes the botrun communicates with us. Big Grin
"hope last great" so what is this referring to?

"Jenny" LOL a big story coming or folks that are oinking this week are thinking of the commercial diet company of that name, last name starts with a "C?" Wink

"Circus Mon" is this referring to so many folks rushing to get ready for the holiday and today is a "circus?" or it's a metaphor which hinders my literal-self?


Dozens of whales dead off South Florida coast
81 false killer whales confirmed dead, 13 unaccounted for
By Jeff Tavss - Executive Producer
Posted: 2:16 PM, January 16, 2017

False killer whales are members of the dolphin family and reach lengths up to 20 feet.

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