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NDC: Go Mobile!!
3 Easy Steps to Go Mobile

1. Go to the app store on your mobile device.

2. Download Tapatalk for free.

3. Search for National Dream Center

Original Discussion

I found 3 (what I thought were) solid options for seamlessly going mobile; however, in reality there was only one operable option and a 4th very questionable option for us. Despite the The requirements for us to take this leap at this juncture were: 1) easy admin, 2) easy installation, 3) very very stable app, 4) ideally free.

SOoooo, the only answer that offered all these criteria was called Tapatalk. Some of you may have heard of Tapatalk, as this is an app that basically takes a bunch of different forums and blogs and allows you to set up a mobile RSS type feed. Or you can go directly to a particular website and it will look 'mobilized,' such as what I've just done by getting us a tapatalk account.

For those users who want to stop struggling with this forum on a tiny screen, you may want to test out our new mobile version. It's completely free, and heck, you may actually enjoy the concept of tapatalk.

In order to participate, here's the downside of Tapatalk: You have to sign in to both the NDC AND you have to start a free Tapatalk account. Thus, you'll have to sign in twice in order to participate in the discussions.

Note: Users who aren't signed into the NDC don't seem to be able to see the bot run pictures. Still sorting that out.

PLEASE let me know when you find a bug in that mobile app. This will be a learning process, but I gotta tell ya....this was much easier than anticipated! Keeping my fingers crossed!
Hey! I'm in and running around with scissors!

Great job Eagle!

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Awesome! Let me know when you receive my test message on tapatalk. My learning continues on this thing, and in some ways, it's pretty easy to see why several mybb users complain about tapatalk. Gotta start somewhere...
You should have received a message back from me.
Be aware that one of the known, annoying drawbacks to tapatalk is getting spurious subscriptions that you can't unsubscribe from (or only they can unsubscribe you or something like that), so just watch that.
Another annoying attribute that I just discovered is that whenever I subscribe to any NDC forum, it says, 'successfully subscribed to P1 missions.' Serious flaw that I'll work on when I return later in the week.

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And is there a way to thank folks or am I being blind?
at the bottom right of each posting there should be a thank you button, between reply and report.
(12-27-2015, 12:37 AM)esholars Wrote: at the bottom right of each posting there should be a thank you button, between reply and report.

Thanks esholars, sorry I wasn't being clear, I was referring to Tapatalk. If you click on the post in Tapatalk you get a popup menu that allows you to like the post, which shows up in Tapatalk but not the regular webview. Everyone should be aware of this.

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