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Wandering in the forest and Phone calls come in for me at wally`s phone
1st January 2016

1st Dream

I am wandering in the woods and in a hilly environment. There were other people too and they were helping eachother. This was good specially if there is a good wine involved. My grandfather was a Theme, too. At the end of the Dream i was in te forest from left to right and
a group of people was coming from a path from the right hilly part in the forest. 

I would really like to know better what left and right and up and down means in dreams. 


When i see nature i think of going with the flow of life and sometimes if it is a forestclearing i think of liberty.  And i was really helping some people yesterday to get a good wine. I was walking through Basel and then 3 young people from Freiburg asked me for the way to a partylocation. I said i will get into the car and lead them to the Location because my sister where i go to lives only 2 streets away from were they must go. And then they said they need something to drink, so i brought them a shop where we one can buy good wine for very little money.  And at my sisters place we had a very good wine, too.  

2nd Dream

I am at wally`s Place sitting on the couch where I used to sleep. Wally`s phone rang various times and it was for me. Sometimes it was my cousin Ueli, and once it was from a Brothel and the voice was spanish. I thought of how i can get phonecalls at Wally`s phone if the people actually do not know that i am at Wally`s and as far as i know they do not know Wally.


I visited Wally 2 days ago, and i learned that my cousin Ueli has spoken to Wallies daughter. He works at the Seminarcomplex where Wallies daughter has to go to attend courses.
There are several more interpretations that are private.

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