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1/1/16 Berlin Conflict
Trending: 2016 january berlin conflict healing marshall bunker snakes cream wave year ice amazing underneath led met astronomy assistance scenario spoke dream shoe fri fence there valley wander stairs children fear people remove preparing waves robot grandfather states cat ended built
Waning: keep december need space women link gonna forget experience catch age dreamed sat chocolate sky sex ride island eating sign spirit pool logged lucidity town false sun husband days female male truck 2015 mon cop

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
Happy New Year!! There is no Red Alert for 2016 and January because those two are obviously expected. Berlin Conflict would be something to be worried about, though. In fact, there is much to extract from this run:

1. Is the Berlin conflict going to somehow be healing?
2. Wave year ice amazing underneath… Perhaps something to do with polar ice caps OR if you remember back in 2014 when we were awaiting some sort of revelations from under the Alaskan ice. Maybe that’s what’s being implied here, too.
3. Met astronomy assistance scenario… This could go back to the aliens schooling us botrun, or perhaps a new revelation from NASA, like a new telescope
4. Fence there valley wander stairs children fear people remove preparing waves…. More waves of children and migrants
5. Preparing waves robot… Waves of new robots will become a part of our culture.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Does "ice" go with "cream," or as "underneath ice," or will there be 2 separate headlines that use each of those?

So now we have "remove people" since "remove delete 2015 cities" in any order did not happen.

"Wave" and "waves" both in this run. Not to be ignored with the many dreams of types of waves in this experiment. (Heck, even me not being a gifted dreamer had a "wave" dream decades ago. The feeling and site is what I'll never forget. Was just hundreds of feet up in the air looking down as the waves gave me a bad, ominous Grand Canyon or feeling of looking down from a cliff.)

I wonder why "island" is in a lot of runs. Noticed it only from catching-up with months of bot runs recently.

"female" and "male" near the bottom, for now anyway. Remembering Project Ano, was it? that indicated what felt like big gender issues for last year. Surely these issues will continue this year as something pushes society to become gender neutral in all ways.


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