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Red Alert 1/5/16 Red Alert: A Chain of Strikes (or a chain strikes)
Trending: chain strike yeah scorpion succeed locker wow million jay fail flying mon yes pigs ass up 2016 there college mum thanks tired alien view easy religious wander convinced january specific think went people try meet soul soon bedroom around rock
Waning: rabbit important trip kid low hill roads summer experience board training sad pulled sometimes energy hot heart path form child dress parts pool shooter sand gravity wed december fri magic lucidity 2015 understanding congrats experiment

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
Wow, there a lot here, but I have to run off to my internship duties. By the way, Scorpio is Oct 23rd through Nov 21st (Remember Sherriann's circuit breaker dream?)

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Chain strike yeah scorpion succeed Multiple hits/attacks which are fast and deadly, like a scorpion sting, and they will be successful in terms of loss of life and the increase in fear.
A "million succeed?" On a hunch, found this and with what our nation's experiencing currently, this may be the type of scorpion that bot brought today. This explains what "scorpion" is in Muslim folklore.

Even the words "pigs ass" I find interesting in context of "if" scorpion is referring to the evil of those raping and beheading, and wondering how many of this kind are so-called refugees in our nation, increasing even as this is typed. (Last addition here, with Benghazi in mind & what happened to our ambassador there, this also resonates.)

"bedroom house rock" earthquake-related?

"energy hot heart path form child" I personally like and so of course these words mean a spiritual growth, to me.

"flying fail" hope this refers to the scorpions that are invading.

So much potential in this run depending upon which of us they're being filtered through. With headlines, no-telling.

Ah, supposedly in the bible "scorpions" represent whips and chastisements. Hmm, that still works in chosen context.

"chain" is the obvious metaphor for things connected, or, just read it's a metaphor even for implementation.
wow million jay fail - a million dollar fail?  Yep, that happened!
flying mon yes pigs- When pigs fly?  Now this should be interesting.  Who is going to eat their words in a big way?
Bumping this thread as a reminder to let it bug me more, LOL.
The two first words metaphoric? Good surge score.

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