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Not sure what this was, but it was out of the norm, and completely inexplicable, so I'll post it here.

This happened in the fall of 2012, in my house. I remember it clearly as far as timing, as one of our goldens had just been brought home from the emergency vet after a multiple tumor removal. My boyfriend and I were sitting in the living room with the two dogs and one of our cats, trying to keep it quiet and watch tv. I think my BF was dozing, I was completely awake. All of a sudden, there was what sounded like an explosion right in front of us, between where we were sitting and the tv. It was like a bomb blast, that loud. We both looked at each other, both dogs got up and looked around confused, and the cat took off towards the bedroom to hide.

Now here's the really weird part. There is a back hallway to the extra bedrooms that runs behind the living room tv. Our other cat, who is afraid of all things out of the ordinary, was in the back bedroom. When I went to check on her, she was sleeping on the futon like she had heard nothing. That would be totally impossible.

My boyfriend went outside to see if it was something one of our neighbors was doing. Our next door neighbor was on her back porch reading a book. (this was on the same side of the house as our extra bedrooms). He asked her if she had heard anything, and she looked at him funny and told him no, she had heard nothing.

So, two adults, two dogs, and one cat heard a HUGE explosion, yet beyond the confines of the living room, no one had heard anything at all.
Whoa! that one cat heard/felt nothing?! That neighbor also, nothing! Well, please tell me, do you think it was metaphysical, from another realm? earth event but, but...your boyfriend is earth sensitive like you? is that it?

LOL I'm digging this report of yours cuz it's new to me. New hearing of a very loud thing that others didn't detect! The things I hear are subtle, but I don't think they are metaphysical, I think....not sure, can't know, that the things I hear are the earth things that tons of others hear, yet it's a small percentage of the earth population.

Now, I have had the metaphysical where our five year old daughter and I both had a child's voice in her bedroom answer me for her. Problem is, our daughter was laying in bed, we had sung songs and fun stuff before bedtime, her big bird nightlight was on and I was telling her it was getting late and we had to get to sleep for kindergarden next day. She had already been talking to me in a relaxed tone, and then a really perky, upbeat child's voice answered for her. No, we didn't need meds but I bet this type of event-report messes with the atheist or non-believing docs that hear them. Big Grin

Whew, thank you for putting this here and please give me input on what you think. Do you think this loud! sound was an earth thing, or the spiritual realm messing with y'all bigtime?
Wow. I'm also digging this story. Thanks, GG!
And the cat in question is the one that will be the first in the house and under the bed at the slightest hint of a noise. Our neighbor who has watched the cats three times for us, has never seen them. Called me up during our last trip as he was very concerned at their absence. And the neighbor that should have heard the boom too had been out for some time reading a book.

My boyfriend would laugh at being called earth sensitive. He's Mr. Practical. I'm the one that's sensitive to people and areas. I can just walk into someone's house and feel the atmosphere. And I just can't explain the dogs hearing it as well as the other cat. Most of the reports that are on are of trumpet sounds, or booms that are heard repeatedly by multiple people. This was only heard once, and never again!

(And as a postscript, I live in an area that's somewhat rural. I currently live in a neighborhood, but we do have farms close by and cows in the fields. So we do frequently hear gunshots, and the "holiday explosives". They will be shooting them off for Valentine's Day, bless their hearts. So we're very familiar with those sounds).
LOLLL.....they will do fireworks for VD Day?! OMGosh, I'm redneck-enough, a native Texan, etc and this one, too is new to me. Guess they start outside for the fireworks inside, or something. What a trip to live in your area.

Yeah, on the cats, but the dogs did hear it. I dig mysteries/puzzles and you just don't know what the deal is with yours, so it sounds.

Oh, your boyfriend, heh yeah my engineer/tech hubby too. *(now retired) Heck, I have a dear friend that has a scientist/genius, (literally) hubby. He even considered, in his youth becoming a minister but is a Phd now, etc., and does not believe the supernatural claims of the bible, no virgin birth, ghosts etc. WELL....God has a heckuva sense of humor and knows how to make someone a believer if He wishes.

Yep, "it happened!" They were home, the two live alone, and were in the same room together, I think going over business or something was the gist, and heavy, loud footstep sounds as if someone wearing boots, went stomping across the room up there. Hubby grabbed a gun and went up the stairs, found nothing. Windows all locked etc, you get the point.

I got the vibe, well the memory is getting vague of the story but I think he was quiet and just pondering it, but....she assured me last time it was mentioned, "oh, he knows!" He knows now, meaning he can't deny the supernatural any longer, but...I guess no mention of any big change in his belief system.
Too funny! God did invent everything, so the sense of humor must be supreme! And you know, it's great to be practical. But don't ever doubt my feelings about something!

As far as the fireworks around here they use any excuse to set some off. I do believe I've even heard them on Mother's Day!

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