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Brainstorm for this section, precog & hauntings~
I luv reading this section but have avoided posting in it. My goofy hesitation for multiple reasons but mostly because first glance I had of it, I saw "NDE" and those are downright sacred to me. I assumed that I've got nothing to share here.

Precognition has been some big as well as many smaller and forgotten examples. I was on a date with a DJ when I was in my twenties. We were at his place having a drink in the livingroom while listening to one of his old DJ tapes of show in San Antone, where we were. It was summer and the tape, news, etc. showed it had been recorded in the winter. On the tape as he went to say the current temperature, that exact number hit in my mind. This may be one of the times I said it aloud, as he was saying it, not sure. This type of thing I have had others tell me it happens to them a lot, and has to be countless times in my adult life

One of my sisters marketed doctors' offices for several years. She of course worked on salary plus a good commission. Many times we'd be talking and I casually said, upon her asking me to pray she did well that month, being a single mom "I bet you'll have 24 soon," or some such number to which she'd exclaim that it was exactly what she had "right now!" This happened so many times that one phonecall she said to me, "I think you've got a gift and you don't know it.)

One of our daughters was back home in california, living with her fiance's family. Hubby was heading there during a business trip, and she was, though an adult and in love, shy about him finding out she was living in a big RV in the family's backyard as if already married to her guy. I told her nope, no way you'll be able to hide this. Your dad is going to drop by earlier than you want to be awake, knock on the door or wall of the thing and say get up, we're going to breakfast. He did that so exactly that it could've been scripted. But then, I do know him well. Didn't matter to her, she was amazed and she knows him really well, too.

Heck, I can be in public, glance at a person and think "he's about to get up" and it happens, etc. etc. Also, I think this isn't rare at all and that like here at NDC, likely all of us think of the person and then the phone rings, stuff like that.

Hauntings, I think people are haunted, not just buildings, as others report. This is the third house I've lived in, in a row that we've had hauntings. Hubby has even had his arm yanked while he was sleeping, but when awake is what is real proof. He sat back when still a smoker and had someone or thing walk up behind him at dusk, and our front patio was ceramic tile so that sound was very obvious.

Oh, but me! living in California we had a story I told here at NDC before, a child's voice answered me when our five year old and I were in her room one night, she was mellow by then but heard it, too. I picked her up from kindergarden next afternoon, we walked a few moments and she asked about it again.

Same house her dad, hubby was deployed somewhere, and it was a daughter's birthday. We were putting streamers up, decorating the dining room area when I and my older daughter heard my sister's voice say my name in a happy, energetic voice. Phoned sis later and she was of course home in Texas. Later that day, after the party was over and kids gone, I hit the garage door opener to carry out garbage and as the door was maybe two feet high, I heard hubby's laugh, and it was not really quiet, sounding like he was on the other side, maybe around the corner.
Nope, as I walked out, thinking "aww" he came home early for her birthday!" he was not there, nor around the corner.

Thanks Nanny! I think these are all EHE, and I think we all could cultivate them to some degree. But some of us are virtuosos, and others just play the piano! I can have precog dreams, like seeing a pink frying pan clock on the wall in a dream as a child, then visiting the relative's house for the first time the next day. Most of my precogs are mundane like that, like I'll dream about an accident and pass it on the road the next day.

But feelings, now there's another story! Can usually pick up on emotions pretty quickly, sometimes I'll just feel bad for no reason and it will have come from someone else, broadcasting loudly. The problem with that is I also absorb anger and other emotions when people feel the need to "express themselves". It's one of my goals this year to work on protecting myself better from absorbing it all.

Thanks for sharing all this with us! Love it!!
Oh yes, mundane! I wonder if we have the mundane in any of our gifts to simply keep us in practice as "receivers."

Talk about mundane and at the time almost embarassing, LOL at myself! I was the 'ole rock & roller of the seventies, ya know running with the cool crowd I mean at that age! sheesh of course, ahem. Then, I had my first and as it has turned out, only or second-only? dream come true. I dreamed of someone that I was not one bit a fan of....Michael jackson, his family and his mom's birthday gift!

I dreamed that a long, red stretch limo or vehicle was going around the block I think it was repeatedly, where I lived with my parents, etc. In the dream it was the Jackson family in it, I vaguely recall. Then, reading the newspaper as I did regularly, if not the next day it was that week, guess in the entertainment section it said that for M.Jackson's mother's birthday they had given her a red oh dang, what are they called?! RR, yeah a Rolls Royce I think. Hit me, dang I dreamed this!

Nope, this was not just a start for an upcoming, prophetic dreamer or anything, just random "stuff."
(01-11-2016, 06:37 PM)Nanny Wrote: Oh yes, mundane! I wonder if we have the mundane in any of our gifts to simply keep us in practice as "receivers."

Wow, Nanny, I don't think that ever occurred to me! What an awesome insight, and a reminder to not diss the small stuff!

And I should add that I'm a total sucker for a good ghost story.... Big Grin
So am I! Oh, the folks that I know, or discern are telling the truth and they tell anything metaphysical that they or someone close to them experienced, I'm so diggin it. TV? novels? No time for them "generally" speaking, as a few TV shows are so funny or informative but anyway...motormouth at our service, sorry. Big Grin

I have another to report. It fits on the EHE, I mean IN that section. I'll go put it there so we readers have a large section of true stories together. (I have a strong wish, a hope that our owner will, since he's the energizer bunny sorta thing anyway, that if he gets enough reports there he'll combine them in a book he, hopefully will write. NDC is several books begging to someday be written, sorta thing. I'll go without desert to buy them each and all.)

Hahahaha I kill myself, no really! We are *in* that section and I closed this head there, er here! thought I was in the Miscellaneous section, dunno why.

New ghost story for Goldengirl. Cool

It was December of 1997. Mom had fought her cancer for a year, and had just peacefully passed into eternity, having even shopped for and bought her own casket that she called her "forever bed" or something like that. Nah, she didn't believe she would actually be in that 'old body, and didn't even cry or sniffle the day she had phoned me, telling me she had.

We were all making our calls to our closest loved ones and to hers, too. I was on the phone with one of our two daughters, the older that was very close to mom and couldn't face her slowly dieing, and was back home with hubby. I had her sister there with me.

She broke down quietly sobbing when I told her that Nanny had just passed. I listened as she vented sadly and added the few things that came to me. She had finished and was just quietly talking of what a fantastic soul Mom was, and then with 100% confidence told me to "Oh, hang on! Barb and her mom are back." as she was staying with our friends while her dad had flown to Japan for a week. Barb had been out grocery shopping. Our gal said they were coming in the door.

It remained so quiet, I never heard Barb's or any voices. But, I didn't suspect a thing. My daughter was an intelligent, mature 13yr. old and I didn't suspect a thing.

She took a couple of minutes or longer, came back and very, very puzzled, a bit shocked tone of voice started telling me and actually telling herself sorta, that she had HEARD the door, but got there and it was closed and no one outside, no car, nothing new anywhere and that both of their large dogs had heard Nothing! and in fact she named the dogs, telling me where each was laying in the house.

We didn't talk much longer and she was just confounded, and we hung up for awhile.

I don't remember if it took an hour, or two or what before it hit me. The Lost Books of the Bible and Forgotten Books of Eden explain it, that a person thousands of years ago had asked an angel what happens to us upon the moment of death. The angel said that we each are given 7 days to go anywhere and see anything and anyone, and to ponder our lives and where we are headed eternally, and then we report in, but not in those words, of course.

Aha! Mom had heard our gal crying on the phone and gone to Barb's to see her. I am convinced. Yeah, all of my life I had and have heard stories like this, and finally we had one in our family. When I called and talked this over with our daughter it resonated with her. It HAD to have been that because she had really, REALLY heard that door and been so shocked, etc.
Wow, what a powerful experience! Thanks so much for sharing that! I completely believe that our loved ones just change form, they never really leave us.

I've had a dream involving my dad coming back to see me that felt like it was real, almost hyper-real, but never saw or heard a ghost in "real life".

That experience only came in the form of a beloved English Bulldog, who returned to walk up the stairs to bed one last time. I heard it when I was sitting in bed reading, and didn't say anything to my husband, but then my husband said to me the next morning how he thought he had heard the dog coming up the stairs. Very validating. And then a couple of days later, in front of both of us, we saw the chair that he used to hang out in start rocking all on it's own. Freaked out the cat sitting on top of the chair! LOL
LOL the cat! Mine would been clawing at a closet door or something, to hide for quite some time. Validation! witness, yes these are such a blessing. I'd hate to have heard voices and never had anyone hear them with me, omgosh that has got to feel horrible.

In fact, we have a dear old friend from hubby's military career, the two guys worked very closely together. I was quite a bud with the dude, too. Fast forward to several years ago and I found out that this friend is an atheist. all of our partying, dining together and them working together and we didn't know this, or I sure didn't. But!

He was in our home and hubby and I started telling him our haunting stories. Now, he's been through tons of stuff with hubby and their trust of each others' integrity is without question, So....

I got to witness, after a few stories we told, our friend quiet as we all finished, very obviously in thought, and he said without emotion or very loud, something like that he'd never believed in any spirits of any kind and maybe he mentioned God, and then said we'd given him a lot to think about. He said it in a way that thrilled my heart that our reports that he could not deny since it was from his trusted bro, hubby had opened his heart as well as mind. Our friend is doubting his atheism now and this makes me so very happy and thankful.

Well, I wonder how he is now. He moved away and they haven't talked in a long time.
From Nanny "I have a strong wish, a hope that our owner will, since he's the energizer bunny sorta thing anyway, that if he gets enough reports there he'll combine them in a book he, hopefully will write. NDC is several books begging to someday be written, sorta thing. I'll go without desert to buy them each and all."
Just wanted to make sure Eagle (aka the Energizer Bunny) sees this. I second the motion, and think it's an awesome idea. (Some day, when he gets some free time! Hahahahahaha!)
LOL free time, yeah.

Well, he could hire a ghost-writer like so many do, and then he could dictate his own comments about each report, having them write that for him, too.


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