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1/14/16 The Invisible Killer
Trending: wed shark sweet cute comp invisible killer save definitely rifle proud formed mat major without passing shadow wild deceased animal seat touched field shoots equipment attempt vampire scientist software environment johnny lost cashier responsible interested visualization woods accurate updated flip
Waning: sun worried live let research waiting interpretation hours monsters relationship request hey update agree view icon cards 2016 added flirting link remove shaking serve notified tension generic taylor mon class wrapping welcome alt group January

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Eagle - Thanks for running these even while you are running at 2 million mph! (And if you needed to skip a day or so we could survive. Just sayin'. Please take care of yourself!)
chameleon's blend in so well they are practically invisible...have you ever seen those people in body paint? that's what the chameleon man in my black widow dream looked like...

I <3 apostophe's Wink
Is "taylor" thumping us on the shoulder to remind us that a big headline is still coming? Such random words next to it, so suspecting such. also, is this word/name about to surge up the list yet again?

"wild deceased animal" plus "animals meditating" is noteworthy.

Yet again I wonder, when we see things like "comp" and "mon" or "wed" is the bot bringing us something that is literally written in a lot of dreams, or does the Bot software program shorten some words? Someone here has suggested on some thread that "com" is "communist" or "communism" but recently it was "common" for "Common Core."

Is that group in reality "proud killer saves rifle?"

"flip sun worried" is this something about the very talked-about Pole Reversal? feels like it.

"shaking serve notified tension" a shaking of the economy, or quake-related?

Uh oh, editing a missed, possible headline with these "seat touched field shoots equipment attempt " with "football" in so many runs, though at least one is likely the nuclear football that travels with a president, perhaps the *superbowl game is already being warned.
Did someone yell SHARK!!!  How about finding one in your SWIMMING POOL!!!

"Florida Fish and Wildlife officers had to remove a 5-foot blacktip shark from a swimming pool at a condo complex in South Florida.The Sun Sentinel reported that the creature was discovered last week.
A woman reportedly found the shark after two men ran out of the pool area.
The shark was promptly removed from the pool and set free in the Intracoastal Waterway."
I'd thank you for the link, Twice, but really I'm horrified LOL. Only in weird Florida..... Why did I want to live here again?!!!!!! Hahahah
Animal and animals are both in the trending section.

I read this run after I read the run for 15Jan16 and I'm struck by how both runs have a lot of words pertaining to death.
"shark" is in today's run, too.
A group of words sounds like a hit for a headline about the Feds worrying that fiber optic cable attacks in Northern, CA. in the past 18 or so months may be connected to an attack coming on the Superbowl game.

The words are
"seat touched field shoots equipment attempt vampire scientist software environment."

The game is in Santa Clara, CA. which is in the heart of Silicon Valley= "software environment."
The five separate attacks on Fiber Optic cable there= "equipment attempt."
"seat touched field shoots" may be the football "field" and God-forbid "shoots" may refer to an attack on the game.
I don't know what had me click on this run and so quickly. Was chatting with Goldengirl about reading bot runs like bible and just randomly focusing on something. Maybe that's it, but it was meant to be.

I immediately at glancing the words wondered if this is what happened in Oregon at the Bundy event. "The Invisible killer?" News claims they don't know who started firing first. Uh huh.....Just wonderin.

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