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1/23/16 An Interview is Appreciated
Trending: appreciation interview jacket flight mile simply fri toddler damage potatoes searching best wandering purification shop american wonder north technique busy unfamiliar lamp article leaking center spider care dropped shouting planning necessary dreamt stepped life men institute saturday skip actually word
Waning: 2015 really window asking path read college keep yellow poor popular eating snake wed sign people teacher form assignment play asian event sweet shadow dream jesus yes remove attempt finger mission physical dreams hostile lucky

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

appreciation interview jacket flight mile simply- This sounds like an airplane/jet pilot will be interviewed.  Perhaps about something that happened while flying. He will appear humble in the interview.

simply fri toddler damage potatoes searching best wandering purification shop - While this article appeared a few days ago, I can't help but think the bot is  speaking about GMO potatoes.  Notice that Simplot is the name of the company and we have simply connected with the potato meme.  Toddler could be the stage of the GMO potato development and timeline to get to the marketplace (shop) as it has now passed the baby stage and entered the "toddler" stage. Purification would be about the people who feel GMO potatoes are a health hazard and don't believe these potatoes should be grown, and want them labeled at least.

From Fortune: The FDA has just given its approval for a genetically modified potato.

The agency told J.R. Simplot, a potato supplier, on Tuesday that a variety of potato that the company has genetically engineered to resist disease is just as safe as any other tuber on the market, the Associated Press reports. The new variety has been engineered by Simplot to resist the late blight pathogen, which was responsible for the Irish potato famine and is still the most common pathogen in potatoes today. Resistance to late blight came from an Argentinian species that developed a natural defense against it.

“This will bring 24-hour protection to farmers’ fields,” Haven Baker, the vice president of plant sciences at Simplot, told the AP. It could help reduce pesticide spray by 25% to 45%. In addition to disease resistance, the genetically modified potato can also be stored at lower temperatures for longer periods of time, which would help reduce food waste.

The potato was approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in August, and still pends approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The company expects to receive approval in December, at which point it will be cleared to enter the marketplace.

Despite the lack of evidence suggesting that genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, aren’t safe for consumption, consumers tend to have a negative perception of them. Whole Foods WFM 4.57% has promised to label GMO products while some retailers, and 16 European countries, refuse to sell them at all. McDonald’s MCD 0.56% , one of Simplot’s oldest partners, has rejected the use of its GMO potatoes, according to the AP.
This is the fourth dreambot run in a row that has had "yellow" in it. There's dreams with yellow, also. New and old dreams, yes? or no?

I may not have included enough word with the last line, but here's the four runs with yellow, just a bit of the words.

"angel giant dude class riding yellow view deep dream

cat enjoy mall dude yellow journey days agree angel

killing male exist now competition support yellow thank nights husband fair

college keep yellow poor popular"

Only thing I see at a glance is that a male person is in three of them, very near "yellow."
Is "yellow" in these runs referring to a race of people, Asians? ? It has historically done so, by racists? in jokes? Surely could be metaphor because of this, but is this true at this time?
Very interesting discovery, Nanny. "Yellow" is also a longstanding sign of CAUTION, as in street lights going from green (go) to red (stop), in the middle is yellow. Depending on how you would interpret the other words encased with the yellow, the bot could be saying these are all cautionary signals/words.
I failed on this run to notice that "Asian" is a word here as is "yellow" yet I talked of such, Asians being called "yellow" in the past.

NHWatcher, great point and this is getting interesting.
spider news: A deadly funnel-web spider with a leg span of 10cm (4in) is the largest specimen ever handed in to Australia's only venom-milking programme.

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