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An invoice paid by an accused
2 nd February 2016

I dreamt of an Invoice paid bay an accused.


Yesterday I paid the first rent of my new appartment. But one day late.

Today as i went to the trainstation there were juices of the brand innocent given away for free. It was really not so much my fault that i have paid the rent late. I got told i do not ave to pay it on saturday nor on sunday, bacause it would not show up in the bankaccount until monday, so if i pay on Monday it is alright.  But then  the landlord called me and asked when i would pay the rent. I told him i paid already. 
But as the woman who sat aside with me heard that i paid my rent one day late, she said i must pay the rent for the next month right away. I said i couldn`t because i did not have the money. Then she answered that she would lend me the money. I refused, but she insisted. So we drove to a Post Office and paid the Rent for the moth of march.

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