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3 items
2/9/16 AM
There was no intent to dream.
I don't remember the details of last nights dream but it has caused me to have some questions. Maybe one of you can tell me.

I can tell you what was not in my dream. My mother was not in the dream at any time. Whatever I dreamed about was not unpleasant or upsetting.
I just remember that in different portions of the dream I saw an item that I associate strongly with my mother. I don't remember the first one at all and I only know the second one was made of iron. The last one was a Spanish dancer doll that my family brought from Spain when we returned to the states.
I was told in the ending of the dream to remember those items as they were very important.
I then told myself to remember the dream and especially the 3 items as they meant something. I awoke with this thought in mind but, I just can not remember any thing other than "3 things" and only the last item stuck.

My mother died several years ago and none of the items are still in our possession, she sold them at a garage sale.

I am thinking that the number 3 means something. I have no clue what the iron object was but it hung on the wall like a decoration.
Does the doll represent a doll or does it stand in for a Spanish dancer?
Was this just a jumble of memories or does it send a message?
Well, I guess it could be both but I would think if you were told to remember them, that was a message to you. Perhaps you can dream with intent and see if you get more on the 3 things. Maybe the Spanish dancer is telling you to dance, or is a message about Spain.
I would agree with Twice and intend to dream about the three things. Or maybe it's better to intend to discover the importance of the items. Sometimes the mind will give us exactly what we ask for, and I'm sensing you still might not know what it means even with the memory of what the objects are.
2/12/16 intended to get more info
items were used to make sure I would remember. New message sent: I saw an ancient Egyptian long boat traveling south on the Nile river and on it stood a person in a Scottish Kilt. I did not see his face. Again I was told to remember these 3 things. I still don't know what they mean.
Funny that it was a Scottish kilt (I'm Scottish and my family name has an associated tartan plaid). But I immediately thought of the Egytian "kilt" worn by royalty. And apparently it also had a version that divine beings wore. Maybe that has some meaning for your dream.

"Another royal garment is the royal apron, or kilt, called the Shendyt. It is first found in the Fourth Dynasty and hardly varied throughout Egyptian history. It was wrapped counter-clockwise around the king's body. The royal apron is entirely covered with fine accordion pleating. This apron differs from the divine one, which does not have the little piece of cloth that hangs in the front."
I think it's interesting how Ancient Egypt will show up in peoples visions and dreams. I have no family connection that I know of to Egypt, yet it pops up from time to time. I don't believe in reincarnation, however I do believe we carry the memories of our ancestors in our genes. So that may be where the memories come from.

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