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getting cleaned up and ready to go
the dream was about getting my house in order. it was like I had just moved into a new place. I was placing my art on the walls and cleaning cabinets and dusting. someone had spilt black ink on the (white) counter and I was scrubbing it off (without spot or blemish). and I was singing His song about "...undying. I know you stood the test..." then I saw a woman singing. her name was 'kim' and she had a massive scar on her forehead. she interrupted my cleaning with a phone call at 10:13 a.m. and said "when are you coming to get me?" I said "what do you mean?" she told me my hubby had given her a ride because she didn't have her car. I told her give me a few minutes because I didn't know anything about it. then I was talking on the phone with her husband asking him what was wrong with her car. he said it was just getting washed and detailed. he said the code for picking up the car was written on my phone so I looked, but it had rubbed off. I could kind of see what the number had been because it kind of scratched into the screen protector glass. I think it said 1203. then I tried to call my husband. he was at work. I dialed the number and the extension. while I was calling him I was continuing to clean. I needed to get everything clean before I went to pick her up. a beautiful tree was now growing in my dining room. and there was a misty rain falling. I sprayed some bleach and scrubbed at the dining table. I asked the woman on the phone "may I speak to Todd please?" while continuing to clean. she was talking to her children in the background. I accidentally leaned against the table and was afraid I got some bleach on this new blue tshirt I just got. I wanted to get the bleach rinsed out before it stained the shirt. but getting the table clean was most important. the woman is still talking to someone else on the phone. I take the shirt off - I have another under it - and spray bleach on the white counter top to get the rest of the bluish color off that the ink left. and I see the woman with the forehead scar singing the song. she has shoulder length brown hair and is average looking. but that scar - it's over her left eye and shaped like '<'.
My first thought was "getting your house in order" before moving on to the next stage.

1203 struck me as a date: 12/03. 10:13 may also be a date. Could be a time period, 1013-1203, but the 1203 isn't set in stone yet. Not clear, as demonstrated by it being faint on your screen.

But I'm most intrigued by "Kim." She strikes me more as what I call a "non-player character," that is, a non-dream person. Someone who walked into your dream. Possibly a remote viewer, possibly another lucid dreamer. Why? Who knows outside of her? But she made damned sure you would remember her with that scar, didn't she?
definitely couldn't forget that face. kim means "bold, brave, noble" interestingly.

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