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2/22/16 The Sun and Earth head to the Center
Trending: earth sun handle center chad praise spencer journey grief expect laying blah tab construction spanish factory gym locked pitched needle enough symbol arguing cross correct roll visiting evening blow input heard hear win sharp number house shit spoiler palm glad
Waning: reading three job wondering army including sorry female lose wearing sat war last knife gab brain hills monsters attacks invasion request sometimes dogs 2015 thanks sea class wed 2016 fri

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Oh my, my actual name is in the botrun this morning ... "chad" ... shoosh (!!) ... don't tell anyone!

Wait, I just did! (Smile.)

Life truly may be an "open book" now.

Always nice to see a good swear word in the run too.
So are you being praised by the center, or are you praising Spencer?!! LOL
"Cross" and "palm" in surging list, both point to Lent season.
"Army" and "war" both in the Waning list.

Seems at first glance we have a lot of randomness in this Dreambot Run. But.....Bot can be a surprising thing.

LOL can't help but notice this grouping, a funny coincidence for sure.
In light of the urban definition of "spencer," Bot has given us "spencer journey grief expect laying!"
Yeah, being a player and stud sure can cause "grief." Get a clue, Spencer.
Nanny, had to look up Spencer. Where do you come up with this stuff?!! Hahaha!!!
I looked it up and this is part of what I learned! LOL yep, in the urban/slang dictionary, the supposedly-cool peeps use "spencer" to describe a player, a stud, pimp, one that thinks he's a real ladies-man and lives that way. I couldn't believe that Dreambot gave us this phrase after talking about "spencer" yesterday!

If this is not what "spencer" means in yesterday's run, then Dreambot messed with us again.
Eagle1, I don't understand the caution being above all of the words in the list.

It would be a trip if the top 4 words are a bit of a warning and yet telling us that it's all going to be okay. "Earth" and "sun" will "handle" the "center" of something that's headed towards us?
Man, either my brain is still dazed over my actual name showing up in this run, or I am starting to understand the significance of these runs.

"Gym locked" could indicate the reality of the coming economic downturn, where many gyms will close, or people who rely solely on gyms for their physical fitness will be locked out, not knowing what else to do to keep themselves in physical shape. Gym memberships typically soar in the winter months, and with New Year resolutions, and then wane in the summertime, when people can more easily exercise outdoors.

"Grief expect" implies that more people this year, will experience death in their families, and/or the world at large, but "grief" implies a death of someone you love, and so you grieve. Sure, you can say that you grieve every time you hear about a killing in the Middle East, for instance, or the starving of a child in Africa or elsewhere, but grieving always hits home when it is someone you know and love and becomes personal.

"arguing cross" may be implying people who are considering Christianity, but hate the label or the current Christian practices seen throughout the world today. Even those on this forum who are Christian (like me) and who interpret these botruns and dreams in the context of Biblical prophecy, I'm sure rub some the wrong way ... whether time soon becomes harder to "agree to disagree," we'll see. As many Christians would correctly argue, without the Cross, there is no Christianity.

"shit spoiler" THIS PAIRING really interests me. Is the botrun telling us, that it really doesn't like our constant searching for clues about the future? Why not just let what happens, happen? Like it is saying, what do you do with the information ... you spoil the shit!!! Well, isn't that the point? We want to spoil the shit, and keep the evil at bay. The caveat, though, is when the "shit" may actually be good and beneficial to someone. Think of the bathroom metaphor ... if we literally didn't shit on a regular basis, our bodies would die of septic shock or overload of toxins. God designed us to ingest nutrients and eliminate waste; that is what our bodies are constantly doing to function. If you do not shit, you die.

"Palm glad" tells me that the incubation period for this entire run will be complete by Palm Sunday, March 20, 2016. Whether all of us will be "glad" as to the outcome, remains to be seen.
Totally dead % wise the night before the full moon. Interesting....
Sherriann, glad you brought attention to the fact! I was too focused on seeing the word "caution" at all, with the list not having strong surges.
(02-23-2016, 02:46 PM)Sherriann Wrote: Totally dead % wise the night before the full moon. Interesting....
Glad you mentioned the %. I did not notice this at first glance. We just had a red alert too. Weird.

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