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2/26/16 A Double Reluctant Stroll
Trending: double reluctant stroll assorted saved simple guard stories cut trouble dragon seated dan elephants dogs nine got amazing delightful escape gonna wrong stomach though wonder aside along into wait tight hundred spoke colored shore church ships reality ship balcony ordered
Waning: rock lucidity sun giving lots strong allow done inside pool tired show crazy snow job shooting normal stay childhood plane sex mind love breaking self energy calling mon violet slash

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

sun giving lots strong" is like yikes! Wish there was time to do a study of the many runs with "sun" in them.

"ship" and "ships" both here, not far apart, worthy of more attention.

"crazy snow job shooting normal" noting for next peek.

"violet slash" instead of "gnome" in there.
Nine is in the run again.  It is unusual for a number to make it into the run since it needs to be spelled when submitting a dream.  Nine must have some significance, look for it in upcoming stories.
elephants dogs nine got amazing delightful escape -Sen Flake was charged by a group of elephants recently in Mozambique while learning about illegal elephant  trafficking.The elephants sure didn't look happy in this video.

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