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2/28/16 The Princess is a What?!
Trending: princess bitch supermarket moon doctor sat blurred barber encounter yep panic portable triangle rubbing heat dropped wife agreed broken rush occurred creepy stories horror appears seated grandmother appearance stroll assorted exit surface factory missing speech powers padding uncle otherwise aside
Waning: dream totally shape teeth main wild care level food parts coming putting lake dress family fish eating wow magic vague levels escape cat game party often death blonde church hours

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

So, three consecutive Dreambot runs for today and days previous are,

"reluctant stroll"
"deranged encounter"
"blurred barber encounter"

"Yep," LOL couldn't resist, but seriously the top surging words of days-in-a-row, am convinced are telling a big story. (When new here, I played with the idea that the top few bot run words of multiple days went together, but wasn't "bot-fluent yet and got tired of thinking no connection was seen. Right now feels like there is, so another thing to go back and play with when time is available.)

"Yep panic" right after "barber encounter."

" princess bitch supermarket" isn't alone, as for these 3 runs working together, yesterday we had
" bread panic" and panic still here in today's run.

"dropped wife agreed broken" sounds like my marriage, LOL. TMI? what the heck, it's true. Not ugly or a war zone here, just that we grew apart long ago but stay together cuz like an old sock, it's part of our comfort zones.

"creepy stories horror appears" well yeah, "deranged encounter" from yesterday's run makes this believable.

"stroll" is here still, with "grandmother appearance stroll assorted exit" no hunch they go together, just in case, stating.

Oh fart! "missing speech powers" with yesterday's "speech surgery" and this all in context of the top of these 3 runs.

"kick enemies" amen! this matters per the negative picture that bot's painting currently.


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