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Red Alert 3/4/16 Red Alert: Farewell to the Devil
Trending: devil view farewell jurassic garden profile private forum message entries march teach speak add property intention creating fri dream future silver wed growing 2016 midnight film welcome alt notified perhaps group send email wrapping lesson imagine must wonder added staircase
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"devil view farewell" these words play two ways because of the season of the times that we are find ourselves currently. The "devil" will "view" the "farewell" of many in the "class" and then we all get to "view" its eternal "farewell." Cool
First comes that grand deception of having a ton among us be "unaware" as they are caught in this deception. Those least deceived perhaps must be the ones that die?

If the above is on-target then "Jurassic garden" works well. Yeah, being among the hunted just as in the movie of same name is likely for those not unaware.

LOL bleed-over of the website with the profile and private message system? "teaching" each other things here? Is NDC "creating' something right now? a new website?
"dream future" yes of Eagle1's brick and mortar! Hope so.

Ahh 'silver' really going to surge this year?

"kitten" of yesterday is "cat" again today. What's this?

"fifth steal bottom" is this "fifth column?

This not only supports all dreamers for the past two years on our dreams of some 'new technology' that is world changing (remember that dreams are in NO space/time- non-linear); it also supports today's run and in fact this weeks runs.
Goodbye to the dinosaur days of the PTW system of wars, greed, enslavement, mind control etc. Hello to new view of potential reality.

creating view (of) welcome dream future, farewell devil jurassic garden property

Bigger than the Higgs, bigger even than gravitational waves…

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