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CameTrue 3/15/16 Red Alert: A Subway Breaks
Trending: breaks subway nighttime remove cell chase farm seriously sink fox flames raid resort held line cops class repeat enjoy mon awesome were guess thin imagine writing hotel odyssey pregnancy supposedly work salty pushing second joke emotion snake bald unconscious protect
Waning: mall flying awareness great scary attention lucid pizza etc unknown listen worked design cold speed consciousness whenever luck sometimes breathing stealing soda daughter demon pure van fri bonus dat bull

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Breaks subway That was fast. Fire shuts down DC subway:

I'd call that one a #Cametrue.
Wow, DLP, you aren't kidding, I think I heard a whoosh as that one came true! I agree!!!
WOW!!! THis is actually a big story DLP. Thanks for finding it! I am going to change the post title to a #cametrue, unless there is an objection!
Not from me, considering this is my first came true post. LOL

(I completely forgot about changing the title. Big Grin )

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