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3/16/16 The Underwear Intruder and the Nuclear Class
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Partner sea nuclear class could be day residue with regards to the story about North Korea apparently "lost" a submarine while a joint US-S. Korea(partner/s) drill(class) is taking place.

Quote:Tensions in the region are growing as the US and South Korea hold joint military drills involving over 15,000 Korean and 300,000 American troops. The exercise reportedly includes mastering ways to repel a possible North Korean nuclear threat. North Korea has already threatened to conduct a “pre-emptive nuclear strike of justice” unless the two countries stop the exercise.

Moreover, Pyongyang launched two short-range missiles on Thursday into the Sea of Japan in order to disrupt the drill.
Nice catch DLP!
The first tests of the Russian Navy’s new hypersonic Zircon cruise missiles have been launched in Russia
Twiceblessed, gal does this run do anything for your "ship" meme? "Nuclear class" sub and North Korea could be the "underwear intruder." But...through your eyes, anything here you maybe missed?
Intruder underwear guess cops partner

Quote:Three men on a drunken spree killed one of the Devil’s Hole pupfish late last month. The men left behind beer cans, vomit and boxer shorts, according to National Parks Service surveillance footage.

Then, last night, news was posted about authorities have identified the guys with tips from the public:

Seriously, who would have imagined "intruder underwear" actually occurring in a story about FISH, for pity's sake? Rolleyes

Regardless, this is a #Cametrue, IMO.
Wow, DLP! Great find! I'm wondering if the suspects are partnered with the cops?? Oops, there I go again thinking all conspiratorial and all!
If they are, they're an embarrassment by being drunk and stupid.

No, my thinking with "cops partner" was the authorities asked for help from the public in identifying the trio and they got that help from myriad tips. So the authorities-the Parks Service but cops will probably be involved at some point-"partnered" with the public.

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