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3/18/16 We're being guided to practice some class
Trending: totally guide practicing class ice deck wild loud hitting image recognized create keeping ask fire part downstairs super basketball driving clearly underwear fade gift late house shoes gray portal child handed names neck gives comfortable age today surprise corridor mom
Waning: future enjoy food pick began mirror guy great eating thank yesterday cousin teacher guess subway book arms mouth sleeping plate bedroom attempt cut sun restaurant train dog bald helped puzzle

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Super basketball driving is probably day residue since this is March Madness and the NCAA tournament is in full swing.

Class ice deck wild loud hitting makes me think of the Titanic but it could also be day residue pertaining to the massive ice sheet that broke off in the Arctic

The waning sections seems concerned with food and eating.

Gray portal child from the trending section and mirror guy from the waning has the hairs on the back of my neck on red alert. They're both saying essentially the same thing. Considering we're coming up on the equinox, the full moon, and an eclipse, is a portal opening? If so, what might come through?

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