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Med's to sleep without dreaming?
Anyone take med's to help them sleep without dreaming? Sometimes I would like a night of dreamless sleep. I take over the counter med's to help me sleep but they don't work to stop the dreams. I am thinking about asking my Dr. for a prescription med to take a few nights during the week.
I take three different sleep aids,(not all at once) don't want to get hooked on just one, but they don't stop the dreams they just make them scrambled and confusing. I take: Tylenol PM, Melatonin, and Benadryl. I have had mood elevators in the past and they put me in a very deep sleep for hours and I did not remember dreaming much back then. I had to stop taking them because they caused me to sleep to much,once fell asleep in the backyard and no one found me for several hours, bad stuff for me. Tried all the things that were supposed to make you sleep and they don't stop the dreams either.
From what I have read and been told if you are not dreaming you are not getting restful sleep. Most people just don't remember their dreams.
If you refuse to remember your dreams for a few nights it won't be long before you are unable to remember your dreams at all.

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