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Tiger Dream, 4/7/16, am
For the past couple of nights I've been stating the intention to Dream about April events that need to be posted here on NDC. What I have been getting is all day residue. I found this one interesting so wanted to post it.

Start of Dream. I am walking in an outdoor area like a huge park. Suddenly a tiger came bounding toward me and is very happy to see me. We sit on the ground next to each other and he leans against me and rubs his head against me like a house cat. He is a happy camper and doesn't want me to leave because he thinks I am his mom. Whenever I try to move, he places a paw on me to keep me there. I am thinking: This is exciting being so close to this animal and at the same time I know he is a wild animal and could hurt me so I need to find a way to leave. End of Dream.
You may have met one of your power animals.

If so, way cool!
Thanks DLP. I know thru the years your Spirit animal(s) can change depending on what you need at the time in your life. Apparently I needed this one.
Julie, this dream of yours reminded me of a lot of relationships people have, especially when we are young.

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