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4/12/16 Anxiety-filled Spring
Trending: spring mon anxiety hole comp tend day hot least done motorcycle regarding gab centre dealing available annoying question porn reality mentally dad crush while random detailed nose brother singing around because single fall well dangerous still up tree invade amount
Waning: skin note jacket wood chair floating sand church cool gonna dreamt dog nice father boss desk eye rush odyssey story hilarious blank signs castle war yes critical march request fri

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

"spring anxiety hot day" so close to each other could perhaps point to a very unexpected, upper-X solar flare?

"blank signs castle war" hope to watch to see if these words rise in the bot run.

"fall well dangerous still up tree" headline about a child? falling into a well/hole? or falling out of a tree perhaps.

"gab centre dealing available annoying question" workplace violence or terrorist act coming to some type of call center it sounds like.

"wood chair floating sand" God-forbid could be a tsunami reference.

rush odyssey story hilarious blank signs castle war yes critical march -
ok.  The bot has something to say about the election process apparently.
I am going with hilarious meaning Hillary, though it may mean both hilarious and Hillary.  If it doesn't actually mean Hillary, it did catch my attention as Hillary and thus helped me see the run in the following particular election frame of reference. These words make sense together. Rush is likely  Rush of  talk show fame.  He tells a story likely of Hillary, it may also be funny. Rush may simply be the rush to becoming a party nominee. Most important in this grouping is blank signs castle war  yes critical march.  Castle war  yes critical march speaks for itself, it is the march to the white house and all of the "wars" that takes place to get there.  The biggest wars on the horizon are the party conventions coming up, especially the Republican Nation Convention though perhaps to a lesser extent the Democratic National Convention.  blank signs…this is an important message. People who are excited about their candidate hold signs.  Signs are seen at party conventions.  Blank signs tells me that one of 2 things. #1,  Many delegates don't know who they will ultimately  vote for…their vote is not yet committed aka they are holding blank signs.  #2. Many people who have yet to vote in a state election are undecided and holding a "blank sign". The critical "march" to the convention and then the White House is being written by blank signs.  The way the Republican nomination process is playing out is very much unwritten territory or blank signs.  It isn't about what is on the signs, it is about what isn't on the signs!!!

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