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War on US Soil & Earth Quakes
I know I should probably be doing several posts on these two topics, but I am not. So here we go.

I had the dream "War on US Soil" which is some where in the old Data Base... I am now wondering if this is the news to the dream:

War on US Soil                  27                                                2014-09-25
9/25/14 5:45am I am seeing aerial view from a satellite camera, that zooms in on the North East Coast line, Between Washington and New York I see War on US Soil. Boats & Soldiers are in black and white (world war II of the past) The black and white lets me know this is not actual boots on the ground but a hot debate and a divided nation on previous war decisions and current decisions, WWIII is now, but WWIIII will be on us soil. There was no emotion in this dream.

Yellow Stone Earth Quake
UPDATE: IT WAS DELIBERATE! Yellowstone Public Seismographs Taken OFF-line - Wait 'til you see why!
I did this in a rush while i was at work today, there was another dream that was meant to go with the news for S Korea and that dream in which i was riding on the front of a truck and the ride was very scary because there was an angry Asian man at the wheel of the truck and i didn't want to get yelled at and i was just trying to get home. We were in the US and everywhere we drove (over two days) looked like a war zone.

I will keep looking through my old links, because i believe this dream to be in the dream base since this was one of the older ones. (I have nothing more to base this link on then my feelings in the dream, and the feeling i get when i read the headlines) I am hoping others may see the same connection, if not let me know. (It wouldn't be the first time i have gone off half cocked!)

I do believe the nice way of putting it is, I'm eccentric.... According to a few people!

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