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4/15/16 Red Alert: Superheroes are Sick!
Trending: batman superman sick hated cafe depressed argue playground burned max alone wars had spoke up thanks backwards ton kinda natural hey woke wow collection confirm star house were bullets entering computer liquid computers huge detailed rack activity lab today too
Waning: dress boss job idea words comp avoid sea aliens gold team feet waves desert yard lady childhood written issue experience agree situation men brain relation sun sacred thief mon physical

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"mad max" wars! referenced here, great metaphorics.
Are "batman" and "superman" references to "trump" and cruz? The two sure do "argue" and yes, the "playground" is on-fire, so to speak, "burned." We're fed this election pablum ad nauseum which is another reason this hunch that these are the ones we're hearing about. (Or is hillary "batman" and trump "superman?)

"Wow" indeed, seems the entire top/surging list is telling one story, the words do seem to have a continuity/smoothness to them.

"too serious" to "travel, non feeling."

"Bullets entering computer liquid computers" yeah the mad max wars will be hell.

"lady" is hanging around still

"sun sacred thief" yeah when our comfort zone and even many lives are stolen because of a flare as strong Carrington.
Superman and Batman?  It is kinda after the fact for it to be on everyones's mind with the movie being out for 3 weeks now.  So why are they here?  And here with Mad Max (yep Nanny, a definite reference I would say). Could be political as Nanny mentioned.  Could be country  related.  Wow, lots to consider here.
bullets entering computer liquid computers- so , is something going to take out our computers? The internet? AN EMP or something like that?  Hacking?  Stay tuned.
confirm star house were bullets entering

A movie star as in Drew Barrymore... was the dream a few years too early?

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