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4/21/16 Forget the Creepy Days
Trending: days creepy forgot motorcycle view lucid restless mall gas there created giants breathe washing love class had than scenario works massive grandma ten follow eyes boyfriend helicopter wed dirt dream charge family defeated jumping staircase hug approaching down were machine
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"days creepy forgot motorcycle view" sounds like creepy days will cause us to forget the carefree feeling of "motorcycle view" which was this carefree feeling on the open road, being out with nature, uninhibited. (least that's how it made me feel daytime and nighttime.)

"restless mall gas there" hope these don't go together but may be so. (Thinking of daughter seeing the cops each with sniffing dog in Hanover? MD at very nice mall and that they had gear on and with them that she, even as wife of Marine didn't recognize)
Possibly, without exaggeration the following words "created giants breathe washing love class had than scenario works massive" may go with "restless mall gas there."

"created giants" are likely the Isis freaks that our MSMedia has "created" into "giants."
"breathe" goes with "gas."
"washing love class" refers to what this group of freaks claims to believe about infidels which is a label put on the rest of us, all of the "class"/population.
"scenario works massive" refers to how well it "works" to "gas" a "mall" and freaks do think of it as "love" per their convoluted beliefs. Indeed it will be "massive" destruction/death if it happens at all.


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