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Securing the Perimeter
I put this in a reply to a Public Dream of Goldengirls as I was intrigued by the overlap. In hindsight
in seeing the developing string of overlaps lately I thought it best to repost this in Public Dreams for research purpose- makes it easier to find.

04-19-2016, 05:26 AM

My intention was to incubate for the two dreams I had in early April 2 botrun.

I am skating like a navy seal on a frozen river ( I never skated- weak ankles) with a party on a mission.

We are to 'secure the perimeters' (area with no buildings) .

Layers here- I consciously while asleep thought it odd the river was frozen as the current is usually too fast to freeze over and wondered if there was thin ice that the team would get stuck on, also what time of year it was or what planet I was on ! as it was frozen over at an odd time of year despite the arctic polar vortexes happening and on the news lately.

As we get to the barbed wire fence I see an enemy target (?) stealthily creeping along the fence line with an electronic object in his right hand. None of us trusted that it wasn't a bomb detonator or IED.
We moved into position to take him out.

I saw his face clearly. (saw it in reality the next day and the next on wikipedea see attached picture). His is a pioneer in NVC Non-violent communication- go figure.

He turned to me (not the others) and pointed the device at my face, pressed a button and like a taser or laser, a beam of gold light came out and into my third eye.
I flinched backward as it flooded me with warm tingly sensation.

When I woke up in a hypnogogue state I thought I heard a million voices all at once talking. No one was listening to one another just talking like on a phone conference call or an old fashioned party line.
Still foggy and curious about the cacophony of voices,
I turned to the wall to see if it was my next door neighbor ( at 2a.m.?)
So I got up to go to the bathroom, check to see if I left a radio on or it was coming from outside. Nothing.
The million voices all talking at once faded as I fully woke up,

In the morning I wondered if I was subject to a Voice of God scalar wave. I hung copper threads in all of my windows the next day to deflect any skulduggery like that happening again.

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