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4/25/16 A Sacred Crash in Space
Trending: sacred graceful heart experience crash space dream jumps days damn intense sun arrive campus up back expected april naked wings chance become mad positive present breaking resolve halfway truck dawn onto 2016 when place notified make wrapping seriously vivid had
Waning: military mirror missing case friend support trouble site deep valley cousin rock partner interesting lots floor busy class dragon creepy dimension security entire sync humming beating water great guard wed

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Forgive me if this is not apropos, but the very first link noticed or interested in when searching metaphor enlightenment for "space crash" is not an easy read before first meal of the day but dang fascinating as if it's a possibility. This is a story that's bugging me it's so dang fascinating.
It's worthy of a glance or two because it's a reminder of more ways "space crash" could be defined.

Space crash may be referencing the literal change of the age, traveling from one dimension to another, may be metaphor for social chaos or even simply for referencing overpopulation in a micro or otherwise manner, or lastly it could be speaking of literal outter-space of our planet.

"damn intense sun arrive campus" solar flare/CME reference. "campus" is this earth, this life of ours is the "classroom" and we are the "class" IMO.

"naked wings" more cool metaphor, deserves more attention than time permits.
"expected april naked wings" April has other mentions like "April Zero" was it, in a previous run at the top?

" chance become mad positive present breaking resolve" reality based but why dreamed at this time? We get mad and often do dumb things resenting can sure break resolve in tons of situations.

"wrapping" in a lot of runs. Hope to NDC-search engine this on runs.

"military mirror missing" hunch is suggesting that military is going to do things (like be used against us/the "class" to quell uprise per very recent run?) they should no way do but will fail to keep themselves in-check.

"dragon creepy dimension" kin to HALLOWEEN meme.

Days damn intense sun arrive Oh yay. More sun activity and energy that will knock people on their butts.

Military mirror missing case That doesn't sound good. What will the military lose and who ends up with it?

Trouble site deep valley cousin rock partner would seem to indicate a canyon, as someone(Julie?) suggested. Coupled with the reference crash space dream jumps and it sounds like some sort of space craft-Terran-originated or UFO-ends up in a canyon somewhere.
also goes with maybe day residue if anyone listened to this report of a spaceship crash prediction
that I posted last night in TB9s SHIP thread
Does space crash equal rumor that our magnetosphere collapsed today for 2 hours?? Dang kindle is fun to read with but a bear to type with.

Good night
I saw that too, but I also saw it was debunked. I don't know where though.
(04-26-2016, 04:19 AM)Maysea Wrote: I had this dream April 25. It disturbed me and later I came to check the dreambot and felt prompted to here gos. It is daytime in my dream, stormy, windy, something huge has happened, devastating, tragic, I'm crying, there is a flying ship, not a plane, it looks strange, has alot of symbols on it, people are boarding, its a space ship? Only select individuals can leave, theres a sense of urgency, not much time...I wake...numbers 420 clear in my mind...

A favor, please: Could you also post this dream in the public dream forum? That will ensure the dream is read when the bot does its little bot-thing(Don't ask me how it works. I leave that magic up to those who have a clue about such things. Wink ) .

Twiceblessed, glad to hear it so am fascinated at the timing, the synchronicity of the claim and bot run.
intense sun: incredible heat wave in India
Yesterday a North Korean missile crashed on take off....

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