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4/27/16 Weed at Graduation
Trending: fairy tapped graduation communication locker marijuana perspective bought angry would caught bank view juice neighborhood strong military backpack gab days yes funny sea swing classroom buy boyfriend vehicle walk watch plant sleeping later brother campus remembered platform off version party
Waning: beautiful dance dimension sometimes ship seeing during calling always sudden minutes experience sat college sound intense energy theater exactly baby spring married request club attempt racist yep fri creature wolf

<------ DISCUSSION ----->
I’m left wondering if this bot run is referring to my graduation, but that is an egocentric view. So many students are graduating next month, so this may get interesting. Maybe some weed is found in the locker room on graduation day? It won’t be my locker….

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

LOL top of this run, oh the memories! Sounds like someone may be busted,making headlines for a special "marijuana" shipment that was for the graduating class somewhere.

"perspective bought angry would caught bank view" yeah, the coming "bank debacle" sure will have the class "perspective" "angry."

"strong military backpack gab days" sure will go with this group of words from 4-24-16 "final sync backpack ghost candy floating military thick mask chill knife"

Eagle1, well the dreambot runs have talked to you before, and others here too. Could just the first 3 words be talking about you? Didn't hit me till I read your comments about it.
Do you think any group of words may at times talk to more than one situation or headline? I don't see why not. (Or, the graduation reference could be just "communication locker marijuana perspective."

"fairy tapped graduation" sure could be talking of your double-degree graduation. Why? You did something so amazing IMO that the dreambot metaphor may be using "fairy" to indicate an extraordinary thing occurring. This is about your BUSY life being a father and professional while at the same accomplishing this double-degree.
Now this run is either fallout from the ABC run called 'Five Days', which tells the hour-by-hour, day-by-day story of the investigation into the Boston Bombing, which aired April 18 - 22, or another one is in the wind having something to do with a graduation party. University graduations normally happen near the end of May. Then, as Nanny mentioned, 4-24-16 "final sync backpack ghost candy floating military thick mask chill knife".

4-28-16: lots restless tiny wed senior brought gab metal turning Wednesday golden amazing bird cart river tub situation worried plan hope quick tapped horse blank campus fallen pushing cards forced freshman beneath manner audio cup warm people danger strong shit between weird canyon music fat

Google 'weird canyon'

6180 Laurel Canyon
I used to live in a subdivision called Laurel Canyon but I doubt it was the same one. Big Grin
Guess what? I was born and lived the first 5 years of life in THAT Laurel Canyon, during the 60's. Sonny and Cher live down the street. Big Grin I then lived 2 canyons over to the west for the rest of my childhood.
Not to sure what to make of the article.

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