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Only Now
04/28/2016 AM
Intent: tell me something we need to know.

Each portion of dream had its own message.

1. I lost most of the first dream. It involved Queen Elizabeth and having to help protect the young George. I was a housewife and mother living an ordinary life when tasked with this job. I was not impressed with their titles.

Message: There is no me or you, them or us and no him or her; there are only labels we use to separate our experiences and have others to interact with.

2. I was in a house taking a picture off the wall when the wall moved as if it was not connected. I started taking all the nails and hooks from previous wall hangings off when something from the other side fell and broke; a picture of a family. I grabbed the wall at the door frame and the whole thing could swing loose. I called for help to get it fixed. I was told it was not necessary for the wall to be there.

Message: There is no here or there, it is all empty space. We create different spaces for different uses but we don’t need them as all separation is a construct. We choose how it appears.

3. I was trying to travel back to the past and getting upset because I could not achieve my goal.

Message:There is no past or present. Time does not exist. Everything is happening “Now” but you can teleport to any different experience that you want.

There were other parts that were violent and disturbing. I chose not to remember those parts. I was told I was sent them to make sure I was paying attention.

I have been working on reactivating my intentional seeing ability.

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