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Be strong, and don't forget
Night before last - just a wisp of a dream. My mom and dad were together in it. I loved her dearly, but she was always timid. Fearful, even though she pushed thru her fear after he passed. She was acting timid in my dream, but my dad was trying to get something thru to me. Very animated in his speech. All I can remember is him telling me not to forget that I'm more like him. Be strong and don't forget.

He was always a gregarious man. Could talk to anyone, and could always find something in common with anyone. Could fix anything he set his mind to. Big Grin

But I have no idea what he needed me to be prepared for. Because that's what it sounded like.
Hm, whatever it is, remember his words. He knows you can get through it.
Goldengirl, this dream was a hug from above! it was serious encouragement for what lies ahead nationally as well as globally, and perhaps personally for you. He reminded you that you're more like him than your mom for a big reason, IMO. Or reasons....

That he did this right now, and thinking of many recent botruns has me paying attention that maybe it's yet another indicator that it's very near "showtime" for us all.
Nanny, I fear you are right in many ways. I think Goldengirl has a future purpose that someone is trying to strengthen her to be prepared for.

I'm working a lot of rather-long hours at the moment, and ironic to that timing (and the fact I'm not getting enough sleep to get into a good 'deep dream mode'), I'm starting to have what I refer to as 'conscious break-out daytime visions' as a result. Many are 'most-troubling', and when I'm awake and seeing (and hearing) some of these things, I can't help but wonder 'what's coming next'.

I think Goldengirl's dream is one to be paid attention to.
Thank you all for your thoughts on this. I was originally only thinking it was some specific personal event, and it may be, but then I got to thinking about the larger aspect of what has been going on with people who contribute to this site. I was always daddy's little girl, I would follow him around everywhere. And I am a lot like him in certain ways. It wouldn't surprise me at all that he's watching over me.

In fact, now that I think about it, he appeared in a Project September dream that I had, and he was trying to communicate with me then. And he did come to me about a year after he had passed, that was a completely clear, lucid dream.

I hope he keeps trying. Big Grin
GG - He will keep trying. Sometimes people who have passed on are asked to connect with loved ones here on Earth because the person will listen more attentively if the message comes from a loved one.
Thanks Julie! I will ask for a dream with him too, and see if I can get a better sense of what he was telling me to be strong about.

And I just re-focused on the new signature I put in when Prince passed. About being a strong spirit. Hmmmmm, I seem to have a personal trend going on here!

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