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The children
Since the end of March, I have been having these dreams about these very odd children; no not odd, unique would be a better word for them. The dreams are in a mini-series type format. Each one tells a different story, but they each build upon the previous dream. I do not remember the details of the dreams only snippets of them.

The one dream I had last night, I actually remembered a lot about it, but not all of it unfortunately, and I thought I would share it with ya’ll. I’m actually hoping to find out if anyone else out there is having dreams about strange/unique children.

Let me begin, by telling you about the few things I do remember from the previous dreams with these children in it. These children are all under the age of five and I believe there are about six of them. None of them have actual parents because they were bred/raised in a lab. All of these children are unique. I have been placed in charge of taking care of/protecting one these children, a little girl, about two years old; however, I get the feeling that she is the one who takes care of/protects me. She does not speak like your typical two year old; she speaks like a highly educated adult would.

The dream from last night starts off, with her by my side and we walk out of this old brick building. We are in a small rural town and it is spring time. The scene is something out of the early 1900’s complete with brick roads and gas lamps. The only thing that seems out of place is a white van with very dark tinted windows parked across the street. In fact, in front of the van, is a horse drawn carriage with no one it (the horse did not move at all because it was ‘parked’).

When we stepped outside the building, three men got out of the van. I seemed to get this intense feeling that they meant to do my charge harm or possibly even eliminate her, but I am not sure why they wanted to do that. They just gave me the heebie-geebies. These men were all dressed exactly the same in dark suits and they were all similar in appearance (i.e. slight of build, dark brown hair each styled the same way, clean shaven, etc.).

Anyways, when the little girl sees these men, she looks at me and says, “please, give me your hand.” I hold out my hand to her, she grasps it, and it feels like we have become invisible. The men begin to search the area frantically for us. One passes so close to us, I could have reached out and touched him, but did not, for fear it would let him know where we were. I looked at the little girl to ask her if we were indeed invisible, but before I could ask, she says, “yes we are, and yes I can read your mind and no, they cannot hear us.” I smile at her and then ask, where to. She replies, “It matters not what path we take, but rather what we become on our journey. For now, we follow the light.” She points to the brick road and there is a soft, bright white light that is peaking through between the bricks, but not all of them. “The path of light” is only about a foot in diameter. Still holding my hand, we begin walking down this path, each of us both half in the light and half out of it. The path is leading us out of town and I can see a very dense, lush green forest at the end of the brick path and it seems that the “lighted path” continues into the forest.

That is all I remember of the dream from last night.
Akwyldeflwr - Thank you so much for sharing this dream. Please keep us posted if you have more. Love the part of the lighted path. Smile
Very glad you reported this. You are dreaming current reality and this is so cool because your dream is likely bringing us more of the story. Perhaps the part of the story that's hidden from us at this time.
This mimics a vision I have been having over the last five or six years. In this vision, the Miracle of Cana is occurring, but instead of 6 vases of water it is 6 continents. There is also 'webbot' hits about 5 Millennials who are to perform some mission before this generation shall pass. I believe it is counting up then, and not only counting up, but counting one Millennial male and one Revelation. This lighted path is a self-fulfilling prophecy...just follow the stories of old, they will light up once you put your weight on them. This path is also very narrow, it should appear to be a reversal, as in city to nature...although it surely leads to Eden. The most recent 'webbot' said there is a Northern European male who is about to lead his generation within weeks...I personally think Nikolai Lukeshenko who will be turning 12 this August. Also, a new webbot category called 'Gaelic population' was created and indicates it was 1,000s of years older or in the an old prophecy being fulfilled, yet we don't know its name yet...but soon. Idea

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