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5/07/5016 8:30am Two Rivers
Most of the dream is lost upon waking. There was a lesson in this but i can not remember the rest.

I am standing at the edge of a meadow, ankle high in a river, i am looking up the mountain at two rivers that come together to make one river. The two rivers flow is gentle, but when they come together into the one river, the flow becomes fast, and turbulent.
I can not tell you how I know this, I just do.

The message or lesson that came with this dream, gave me a sense of calm in what can otherwise only be described as a horrifying situation. At 12:45am my daughter began vomiting blood, this went on for an hour and a half before the ER doctors gave her a medicine that made it stop (After two other meds that did not work) The doctors have ordered a bunch of tests but at this point it is undetermined as to what cased the bleeding.

The only way I can describe seeing this is, in movies when someone is shot or stabbed and they have blood coming out of their mouths! My daughter had blood all around her mouth, and it was running down her chin!

My heart just died in that ER early this morning.... two rivers, yeah i know. I get it.
Prayers to you and your daughter Windy.
Please keep us updated on her condition. Prayers going for you both!
We have been informed that that the bleeding is being caused by my daughters diabetic gastroparesis. She has been given meds and is back at home. Symptoms still persist thought.
I will prayer for you and your family.
Sending light and love to you and your daughter, Windy.

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