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5/9/2016 8:15am Yellow Stone Accident
I am in a normal dream, watching a road on TV when a special alert comes across the screen. 24 injured in wood geyser pier accident.

I see the following pictures in flashes.
I see a road melting, a pond boiling, a wood pier catching on fire from lava, the ground level changing.

I woke up hot and sweaty, my focus on 24... my mind kept telling me 42, No it was 24 not 42
Yikes! Such a succinct, clear message.

Well, sigh gotta admit that bigger earth changes have to start eventually.

(Hey, sistah-gal, hope all's well with you.)
Windy, I have seen 24 for a long time now, and a dream I posted this morning, I THINK, answered the question for me.

This July 4th is the United States' 240th 'Birthday'; which means that yours may be the 'how' to my 'when'...or at least the start of it.

Thanks for posting!
Man presumed dead after falling into Yellowstone hot spring

Witnesses said the man, described as being in his early 20s, walked off the boardwalk and into the hot spring in the Norris Geyser Basin on Tuesday afternoon. Officials didn't say whether the man was a tourist.

I am still waiting to see if the man in his 20s is 24 years old... I assumed the 24 was people not just one person.

omg i also just realized that i had this dream on:
May 9th and the news came out on June 8th
That is as close as 1 monthly exactly as i could have gotten!
The news story has been updated:

A man visiting Yellowstone National Park was killed after he stepped off a designated boardwalk, slipped and fell into a hot spring.
Colin Nathaniel Scott, 23, of Portland, Oregon, was with his sister when he fell in near the Noris Basin Geyser on Tuesday, officials said.
If he was 23, he was in his 24th year.

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