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Red Alert 5/10/16 Red Alert: The Collective's Labido is on Hyperdrive!
Trending: desire turkish method loves sexy trick exhausted mon carefully powerful awhile chocolate performance exact class catching listening sex works picture hey faster odyssey had really up glad crazy cute time part mutual standing larger conference hallway thought there pet jack
Waning: heart pool calling means love color beautiful kinda land adam plot elevator story wild reading tornado perhaps excited forward sea orb blood dawn experience remove circus island trip hiking fri

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
Desire….it’s just the tip of the iceberg for this run. If I didn’t have a calendar, I would have guessed this as a Valentine’s Day run. Just about every word in the positive surge section is all about desire. What headlines could possibly be coming out of this run?

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

This song pretty much sums it up: Spring Fever,

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What do the "turks" know that we don't? Guess that's why it's "exhausting" but dang is this going to be a headline?? or some huge metaphors? LOL~

Good grief "chocolate" is here too. This should be Valentine's day foreshadowing.

But wait. "exact class catching listening sex works" this smells like someone using "sex" to accomplish some ploy beyond less-honorable using it in some personal relationship manipulation. A headline is coming where "sex" was used to commit a crime.

"glad crazy cute time part mutual" LOL anyone else's mate traveling soon? the bot coincidences lately are personally hilarious.

"Jack" and "Adam" both in this run except "jack" may be a verb.

Bummer, all this romance-sounding stuff and then "tornado."

"blood dawn experience remove circus island" in waning words but noteworthy. Any of 'em gonna climb up the botrun lists?

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