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Barbara Bush and sons in Waiting Room~
I saw Barbara Bush sitting, dressed nicely in a waiting room. She was alone and to her right was a glass wall. On the other side of this glass were two of her sons, GW and not sure if the other was Jeb. They were dressed nicely and sitting together.

I awoke, curious as to why they were not all sitting together and wondering if they were waiting on Herbert Bush, in some hospital waiting room.

Dreamed this morning. No emotions but curiosity with this one.
Thanks for posting this one Nanny! Could be quite literal.
Good point but the glass wall between them is bugging me. If they all are going to be waiting for Herbert B. at a medical facility waiting room again, I strongly suspect they'll be together. That dang wall symbolizes something and it's not anything I created in my sub. or anything. Just wonder'in....
Have to keep an eye on the news for the Bush family.
I'm thinking Burning Bush and amusing museum musings. Like a stream of consciousness.

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