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No Water and Death Knocks
Last night was a nightmare smorgasbord, and seemed to last all night in what I can only describe as a 'you're targeted' form. As a result, I slept very poorly. Sadly, most were of a personal nature that have no real bearing on anything 'newsworthy' here. As a result, This post is NOT about those. However, since I didn't sleep well at all last night, I laid down today at midday (lot to be said for siesta!), and as a result, this is what I saw while sleeping:

Almost as soon as I went to sleep, I feel like I started dreaming. There was a large man, 200-ft tall it seemed. He was rotund with what appeared to be an old 'JP Morgan - banker's pinstripe suit' on, with strange top-hat. He jiggled and almost rolled as he chuckled so mechanically. It was unnerving. He had a large flexible hose in his left hand, and he walks out over a lake with a very large dam on it (looked a lot like Hoover Dam on the downstream, river-level, water-side). He thrust the hose into the lake above the dam, and now I am back hovering above the scene, as I watch the water level drop and drop and drop, until there is barely a stream bed in the bottom of what was once a lake.

Suddenly, the whole scene begins to shake, rocks begin to fall off the sides of the dam abutments (where it is anchored to the natural walls), and the dam starts to crack in the center, the edges, everywhere. Then, unrealistically, people start to scream and run from the dam in the river channel below - it looked a lot like images of street-level of 9-11, the sheer fear and chaos of the human perception of what was coming. The dam breaks and crumbles to the ground in chunks, but there is only a small trickle of water that comes out. The people stop, look back, and are stymied as to why nothing else bad happened. The giant raises up from his 'siphoning job', smiles as his head turns into a skull, then turns back to a rotund old happy man again, and he starts to walk off - he's headed to another lake, but surprisingly collapses into bones and dust before he can get there. As soon as he is gone, the river bed cracks open and a giant wall of water rises up, creating an almost ocean in the old riverbed. All who had stopped to marvel were drowned where they were.

I simply hear, 'they cannot drain the lakes to prevent city destruction, only change the way in which they are destroyed, if deemed so'.

The second dream I had was rather fast, and simple. It was a classical 'reaper' image standing on the front porch of a nice, quaint mid-country rural type 'board-and-batten' house. The house was blue with white porch railing, and had a two-digit number on the front door, but I couldn't make it out. So 'middle-class Kansas' in my viewpoint. The 'reaper' walked up to the cute little blue with white-trim house, apparently rang the doorbell, and had turned to face the road behind him, almost 'patiently waiting' while someone came to answer the door. It was almost funny, were it not for the ominous feel I get from what I saw.


I take it from that long first dream, that it implies that someone is either controlling weather or draining water from reservoir(s) not only for profiteering, but to quietly prevent a cataclysm that they know of from destroying cities/regions. The warning from it was clear, 'to do this is futile, we'll just do it another way'.

I am, however, at odds with that second dream - while it could mean most anything (the house didn't look like my house, or any that I know of close to me), it could have been individually focused, or symbolic of 'average America' being caught off-guard and surprised at death coming??? Not sure.
For whatever reason, that little blue house on the 2nd dream bothered me enough that I spent almost an hour searching for a photo of a house that looked SOMETHING like it did (I guess, this was a visual meant to share with others). Here's a link to the picture of a very-similar house - the only differences were that the blue was a super-true blue, and it sat almost level with the yard (like you see in Kansas, Oklahoma and northern Texas)...and the grass was really lush-green and well-trimmed.

Not sure still what the reaper calmly waiting on the front porch means, still.
When you talk of the typical American blue house, I think of all the foreclosures that JP Morgan Chase and all the banks are doing right now. They have caused this crash of the economy on purpose to steal the middle class American homes. They have had record profits. Since you talk of the typical banker in pin stripes. It makes me think of what they are doing to our economy right now. They are draining it!
This is the only thread I read tonight. I read Rene's response first and the phrase "blue house" caught my eye, so I went to Skeet's second post and caught "little blue house," which directed me straight to his second dream. UMMMMMM, when my old lady walked out on me last September, we were living in "THE LITTLE BLUE HOUSE" complete with white trim around all the exterior edges.  I moved out just a couple of months later. It was the loneliest days of my life.

Anyway, here's a picture of "the little blue house..." (and by the way, this is in NW Arkansas).

That is a cute little cottage styled house!

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