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5/12/16 New Yorker Arrested then Freed
Trending: york arrested freed twilight zone liquid awareness low 2016 symbol last nature anger hanging heavy filled view pitch shift dream yellow had self remove connection familiar comes forum comments night curious crying thomas activity children smiling were dreams help pregnant
Waning: worry sick related amazing bike sun sign war brother rather sat police shop understand gas sweet ancient famous swim river ocean spirit boyfriend wave death football poor revolution energy emotional

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
So, someone is arrested and then later released? I noticed that Thomas is indicated down the list. I searched for connections between Thomas and New York. I found this:

I can’t imagine this article having anything to do with arrests, but you never know. It’s not even a recent article (Feb 29, 2016). On another note, I’m curious as to why 2016 keeps rising and falling periodically. It’s the most variable linguistic word I’ve seen.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

This is definitely going to be a year (2016) that in history we look back on as being an important marker year. 2016 "goes down" in history. It could be that the high and low points we see it pull will be related to the particular memorable events. We should keep track of what events happen during the peeks and lows of 2016.

Other things that stand out for me here are weather related: [we are in the] twighlight zone, liquid awareness low, nature anger hanging heavy [clouds filled with sooo much water] filled view, pitch shifts [of wind or water], remove familiar connection, comes night, crying children, help brown pool gathered [mudslides/floods], worried sick, amazing related sun, swim river ocean wave death, poor revolution, energy emotional.
Boss, true royalty popped into my mind upon reading the top of your run. Could this be the Andrew, the Duke of "york?"
But then, NYC is loaded with USA royalty.

Whoa, ending of waning words is powerful grouping. "wave death football poor revolution energy emotional"

Just hit me, editing in here. If "wave" is verb then "death football" could be the nuclear "football" at least one president has lost.
York 1: New York politician Dean and son Adam Skelos sentenced to five and six and half years in prison.
York 2: Bomb threat at Andrews Air Base.

2016 is so stochastic because it has been the prophesied year for centuries if not millennia. There is a pretty good video on YouTube about it "THE END in 2016: The SHOCKING Predictions of 12 Mysterious Men" with 160,000 "views" located here:

Big welcome here to NDC! Very glad you've posted on several threads. Hope you feel led to continue to do so. This grand experiment would cease succeeding without we that participate. I also hope you enjoy your time here and are blessed by it.
Nanny - Wave Death Football reminds me of all the news stories recently regarding football players and traumatic brain injuries. Quite epidemic.
Goldengirl, that works too and I like it a whole lot better than how it hit me.
(05-12-2016, 08:46 PM)Goldengirl Wrote: Nanny - Wave Death Football reminds me of all the news stories recently regarding football players and traumatic brain injuries. Quite epidemic.

There have also been several players who have been killed recently.
You are correct DLP good catch!

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Lots of soccer (football) is being played in Europe right now. 'Tis the season.

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